Ideas Outside the Box – New Moon in Aquarius

Astrology | 4.2.2019 | Kirsi Halla-Seppälä

New Moon Forecast is an astrological report from 4.2. to 5.3.2019

February’s New Moon in Aquarius provides us for the first time in a long time with somewhat refreshing, airy, light and innovative vibes. The feeling in the air is exactly like one feels after a thorough cleaning, after every single bag of old clothing, extra stuff and useless rubbish have been carried out of the apartment and it’s time to buy a huge bunch of rainbow coloured tulips. The feeling you get, sitting there in the long awaited morning sunshine, a blank paper in front of you, new plans tickling in your stomach.

In astrology the Moon represents emotions, intuition, relationship to one’s body and wellness, safety, routines, home, caring, and everything that’s instinctive, reactive and familiar. The Moon is the Mother in us; how we feed, nourish and take care, but it’s also the Child in us who needs to be cared for, nourished and kept safe. The Moon is in a very unfamiliar territory in Aquarius, because there isn’t a sign that’s as independent, intellectual, rational and avoidant of everything the Moon stands for than the Water Bearer.

This rational, logistic and extremely mental Moon in Aquarius gets even more of analitistic and rationality when Mercury, which represents thinking, is in conjunct with the Sun and the Moon of the New Moon. So it might be accurate to say that this specific New Moon could be called ”an Engineer’s Moon”. Aquarius has always been said to be either a madman or a genius, usually both at the same time. There’s only a fine line to tell the difference between a genius who’s ahead of their time and has exceptional ideas, and a manic folio hatted conspiracy theorist.

Mars that represents energy, action and assertiveness is conjunct Uranus, Aquarius’s own ruler planet. Mars and Uranus in Aries give a very charged, exciting, impulsive and a bit crazy energy to this time. Ideas and plans may get a really rapid beginning.The fuse igniter is so short that at it’s worst the whole thing may explode at one’s hands. This is a very volatile combination. But at it’s best it can support those who are too scared and timid to defend oneself or spend years after years pondering on a possible next move but never actually taking it. This time might give some courage and assertiveness needed to those in need of it.

So it completely depends on the person and their life situation how these energies manifest. Impulsive people who eat risks for breakfast may notice that a tiny teeny bit of consideration might have been a marvelous idea before quitting the job, burning the rental contract or sending that breakup text to your loving long term partner. On the other hand those prone to clinging to safety and humbly enduring even the worst circumstances this time may give just the right spark to finally initiate the change.

Whatever area in your life or part of yourself that feels outdated or stuck, let these radically fresh and revolutionary energies of this New Moon to blow through and ventilate them. Then you can feel such renewed and sparkling joy that this change – small or big – brings into your life.

Main themes of the month: 

intellect, new ideas and policies, rebel, analytical, freedom, impulsiveness, innovative reformist, independence, volatility, genius, madness, overly emphasized mind and thinking, rationality, new insights, fresh wibes, courage to break oneself free, liberation, learning something new, technology, wild mind, overly active mind, insomnia, restlessness, nervous energy

Astrology of New Moon: 

Sun and Moon in Aquarius conjunct Mercury and sextile Jupiter. Chiron square Venus. Pluto square Mars. Neptune square Jupiter and sextile Saturn. Uranus trine Venus and conjunct Mars. Jupiter trine Mars. Mars trine Venus. Venus ingress Capricorn 4.2. Mercury ingress Pisces 10.2. Mars ingress Taurus 14.2. Chiron retrogrades back to Aries 18.2. Sun ingress Pisces 19.2. Full Moon in Virgo 19.2. Venus ingress Aquarius 1.3. Mercury retrograded 5.3. New Moon in Pisces 5.3.

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