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Face Backwards – New Moon in Cancer

Astrology | Body & Mind | 21.6.2020 | Kirsi Halla-Seppälä

New Moon Forecast is an astrological report from 21.6. to 19.7.2020

This Midsummer’s New Moon is very rare because it’s also a Solar Eclipse that happens right at summer solstice. Also we are blessed with not only one but two New Moons in Cancer this summer. Normally we only get one of each during a year, but this year we get a lovely New Moon in Cancer both in June and July. And we sure do need them. Moon in Cancer is so warm, caring, emotionally nurturing and full of deep feminine wisdom.

Just like a crab Cancer has three distinctive characteristics. It has a rock hard shell that protects its soft and sensitive ooey-gooey chocolate brownie like core. It also has pincers that quickly grab whatever it fancies and rather loose its pincer than the precious thing it’s holding. Its movement is like a slow and peculiar tango, one forth, two back and then skittering off into the shelter of its own shell or coke can. Yet still Cancer manages to be very strong internally, efficient, competent and productive! With Aquarius Cancer is the most paradoxical of the signs of zodiak. Its nature is multidimensional, deep and surprising!

Cancer represents mother, nurture, care, past, homeland, roots, nest, safety, emotional foundation and need to stick with anything old, yet still this New Moon shows us that even Cancer, wrapped into its security blanket can get rid of the old and change when the world is on fire.

Last time we’ve seen anything like this in astrology was several hundred years ago, with some serious earthshaking happenings that left their marks on history. Eventhough nothing we’ve seen this year is really new or surprising, it has felt like that for many of us, because we had closed our eyes and looked elsewhere. A disease called injustice was alive and well, but we were busy shopping.

In spring we had some very rare and transformative transits, and eventhough they may seem to be gone, they’ll be back a bit later this year. In the beginning of summer most of the planets that were involved in that ”astrological atomic bomb” started their retrograde phase. This evoked something old, something that has been present for centuries, but is still unfinished, bypassed and disregarded.

Planets don’t really turn around and go backwards on their heavenly paths, it just seems like it from time to times when we look at them from earth. Mercury retrograde is one of the most mainstream things in astrology, thanks to so many funny memes and widely spread, stereotypical descriptions. When Mercury retrogrades a few weeks three or four times a year, slower planets do it more rarely and for a much longer times. When planet is in retrograde its energy is deepened and intensified. It’s almost as if the themes it represents are more in the open, yet more internalised. When a planet is in retrograde it directs us to come to a halt and re-evaluate old choices. More than ever it is a time to learn from the past.

There seems to be a great choir of retrograding planets in voice at the moment. First of all Pluto, God of Underworld, who rules generations at a time and represents oppression, domination, death, tyranny and all that which is dark and buried deep or hidden from sight. Next to Pluto there is Saturn, who is the master of structures in society, rules, control, punishment and regulation. Also Jupiter, whom we often think as a benefactor, is in retrograde and it has a habit of aggravate, magnify and inflame whatever it touches. Venus, the goddess of harmony, love, value system, has her spoon in the soup as well. She rules also finances and money, anything that has some value, and with our money we can show what we think is valuable and what we want to support. (I wrote more about Venus retrograde in my last forecast, is a slightly different perspective.)

Messenger of Gods aka Cosmic Journalist Mercury began its retrograde phase just a few days ago and brings all that which is happening in the deeper, even unconscious levels of human psyche to more conceivable form. That what has been simmering under the surface and been noticeable to only those who have been aware enough, will suddenly be approachable to most via social media, news and common discussion. Pallas Athene, Goddess of justice, art of war and strategy, is also in retrograde, and right after the Solar Eclipse Neptune joins them and stations retrograde too. Neptune may manifest itself as empathy, deep caring, boundless love and willingness to help all that are oppressed and suffering. It can also be something totally different, because at its lowest Neptune symbolises lies, pretending, illusions and betrayal. When its energy strengthens during its retrograde, not all will be as it seems. There may be attempt to mislead, distract and deceive, gaslighting being one of its tactics.

New Moon is conjunct Vesta, the symbol of dedication, passion and the light of consciousness, and also North node that is the other side of the karmic axes, South node being that part that represents past and North node representing the future. Eclipses always happen in close proximity with this “energy portal” and even if all those retrogrades form a choir that sing about the importance of looking back, New Moon next to the North node electrifies this moment in order to help us create a new future based on our new awareness and expanded consciousness.

Tedious and conservative Saturn is in a difficult contact with New Moon, like an itch you feel all the time but can never scratch. In a way it is helping us to see what’s always been there, but never disturbing enough for us to really want to get rid of it. Warrior planet Mars is conjunct Neptune, the planet of martyrs and victims, both in the last sign of zodiac, Pisces. Mars is bringing some assertiveness and vigor to those who can not defend themselves.

As always, astrological symbolism is a mirror that reflects both microcosmos and marcrocosmos. What happens out there happens inside. Ground and entrench yourself, focus on what nurtures and nurses your body and senses, listen to your emotions and needs. And most of all, rest and be at peace. That way you can start to be the peace you wish to see in the world.

“We must learn that passively to accept an unjust system is to cooperate with that system, and thereby to become a participant in its evil.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

Main themes of the Month: 

halt, stillness, listening, looking backwards, heightened awareness, seeing what has been hidden, replacing old with new, changes in structures, power issues, power structures, gaslighting, caring, roots, history, customs, old habits, shadow work

Aspects of the New Moon: 

Sabian Symbol of New Moon ”Sailor ready to hoist a new flag to replace an old one”. Sun and Moon in Cancer conjunct North Node and Vesta, square Mars and Chiron, quincunx Saturn. Pluto sextile Mars and Neptune. Pluto conjunct Jupiter and Saturn. Neptune trine Mercury, conjunct Mars and sextile Jupiter. Uranus sextile Mercury. Saturn trine Venus, sextile Mars and conjunct Jupiter. Jupiter sextile Mars. Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Pallas Athene in retrograde.

Astrology of the Lunar Cycle: 

21.6. New Moon and Solar Eclipse 0° Cancer, 23.6. Neptune stations retrograde, 25.6. Venus stations direct, 28.6. Mars ingress Aries, 30.6. Jupiter conjunct Pluto 2.7. Saturn retrogrades into Capricorn, 5.7. Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse 14° Capricorn, 11.7. Chiron stations retrograde, 12.7. Mercury stations direct, 14.7. Mars conjunct Chiron, 20.7. New Moon 28° Cancer.

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