Black Moon – New Moon in Aries

Astrology | 24.3.2020 | Kirsi Halla-Seppälä

New Moon Forecast is an astrological report from 24.3. to 22.4.2020

New Moon in Aries has very dark tones this year. New Moon is always a time of ”black moon”, since during this time of the lunar cycle, when the old cycle is ending and a new one beginning, Moon is not visible and the night sky is without a light. But this time it means so much more than this.

On Vernal Equinox last Friday (20th of March) we celebrated the true beginning of the new year since the Sun began its yearly round across the Zodiac. The time of Aries is normally full of eagerness and energy, the time of rebirth and new beginnings. Winter’s restrictions and frozen slumber are over and nature starts to push new life with vigor. But what about now?

With New Moon we have Chiron the symbol of health issues, wounds and pain is together with Black Moon Lilith who represents collective darkness, danger and destruction. Enthusiastic and happy-go-lucky Aries Moon is out of its depth with these guys here. Lunar nodes that represent not only karma but also time and crowd of people are making an intense connection to New Moon’s Sun, Moon, Chiron and Lilith, who also symbolises expulsion, isolation and quarantine. Spiked with these flavours it’s not a wonder if this time of New Moon activates fears and vulnerability in many people. If you are familiar with shadow work and painbody is not a strange concept, this might be the most beneficial time to spiritual opening and deepening of the presence.

When we are able to confront all the emotions and fears lurking in the shady corners of our psyche we bring transformative light of consciousness to the places we would rather avoid and forget. Don’t let the collective distress and anxiety to suck your light in its abyss but instead sit with deep compassion and love embracing all that is arising now from your depths. If you stay awake you can choose. Maybe not what is happening right now, but you can choose how you deal with what is happening. And choosing love, faith and compassion you do a big favour to everyone, especially for them who can’t do that at the moment.

Probably everyone who has a deeper understanding of the language of astrology has been aware that something big is going to happen this year. We’ve known for a long time about this huge and exceptionally rare stellium that will take place in March 2020 and it has invoke lots of concern in many astrological circles. It’s been known that something is coming but not in what shape it will take when it comes.

Capricorn is a serious, goal oriented and highly organised sign that wants to see concrete results of its efforts. For a while now we have had this most rare conjunction of Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Pallas Athene in the sign of ”no bullshit” Capricorn. This week the members of this cosmic gang are closer together than ever.

Pluto is the most intensive, powerful and grave of all the planet energies. When we need a profound transformation Pluto comes to our aid. Pluto helps us to get rid of that which is no longer alive or doesn’t sustain life. Old form has to die so that the life can go on.

Saturn restricts, forbids, isolates, eliminates, closes and slows down. It forces us to learn what we have been trying to avoid. Saturn helps us to see the essential and prune that which is not important in order to build a healthy and stable structure. With Saturn we reap what we have sown. Getting serious in the face of truth and doing what is necessary from that point of view.

Jupiter educates and helps us to grow and widen our horison. It guides us to see and understand the deeper truths and to turn on to the Higher Power or God when we don’t have strength to go on. Jupiter helps us to change our perspective and bring shift in consciousness. Jupiter is a benevolent, invigorating and enthusiastic planet that represents faith. Even though Jupiter is connected to the rapid and widely spread infection here, it also symbolises the shift in collective human consciousness. Updating old beliefs to equate the deeper truths of higher consciousness.

Warrior planet Mars is like a fiery lightning bolt and it brings a hasty and aggressive beat to the quality of time. Fever and infection are symptoms ruled by Mars and even if this virus may be feisty so are the positive counterforces and activate now and create new ways of function. Not words but deeds!

Wise and righteous Warrior Goddess Pallas Athene represents strategy, medicine, music, crafts and creative intelligence. Athena aims to observe dispassionately and judge the situation justly. She takes considered action to improve what ever she sees needs cultivating. Intelligent new solutions, creativity and innovation are Athene’s gift during this time.

Saturn’s cycle around the zodiac takes approximately 30 years. Just a few days ago it moved from Capricorn to Aquarius with Mars along its side. It takes us to a new phase of updated social constructions and new standard of activity world wide. Saturn goes from disciplined and strict Capricorn to global and innovative Aquarius. Astrological symbolism is manifesting exceptionally literally since Saturn is the planet of restriction and isolation and Aquarius is the sign of society and collective trends. Aquarius also represents networks, new technology and Internet. It is an intellectual and abstract sign that looks down on intimacy, but at its heart it is a caring and humane reformer. So physical distance but mental closeness and togetherness suits this time just well.

Despite of all the other astrological configurations that seem to be manifesting at the moment, Neptune represents most accurately this elusive, abysmal, boundless and surreptitious pandemic. As New Moon represents the time to plant a seed into the darkness of soil Full Moon is the time when all that has been hidden will come into the light. Previous Full Moon in 9th of March was the time right at the beginning of our realisation of what was going to be ahead of us in the form of this quickly spreading virus. At the chart of the Full Moon Neptune was together with Sun in its own sign Pisces opposing the Moon in Virgo, the sign of health. This mirrored the current themes perfectly even though it was difficult to see at the time.

Even though Neptune is connected to victims, alienation, loneliness, uncertainty and poverty, at its higher potential it is the energy of universal love and compassion. If I got to choose (and I do, just like you) which side of Neptune’s energies I’d manifest in my life martyrdom and victimhood or limitless love, empathy, altruism, helping others and creativity I don’t have to think twice. Especially now when everything seems to be so uncertain so many of us are experiencing a new kind of connection to other people and to ourselves. Suddenly we have time for all that which we had to postpone or give up in order to do all the ”important stuff”. We have collectively shifted to a completely new spiritual frequency that enables benevolence, selflessness, sense of community, oneness and love in the way that never has been possible before.

When we view the astrology of the present moment and quality of time through heart consciousness we know that no matter how it feels now, from the larger perspective this is not a catastrophe. This is a nature’s way to avoid catastrophe. Mother Nature has watched us long enough and when the unconditional love is not enough anymore she says ”no more” it a time for crackdown. We have to learn, world has to change.

Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge.

Eckhart Tolle

Main themes of the Month: 

woundedness, vulnerability, fears, collective distress, painbody, consciousness, love, compassion, goodwill, kindness, new structures of society, rules, restrictions, isolation, spiritual connection, creativity, innovation, being present in what is, transformation, courage, awakening process

Aspects of the New Moon: 

Sun and Moon conjunct Chiron and Black Moon Lilith square Lunar Nodes. Mars conjunct Jupiter. New Moon sextile Saturn and Vesta. Pluto conjunct Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. Neptune sextile Jupiter and Venus. Uranus square Saturn and sextile Mercury.

Astrology of the Lunar Cycle: 

24.3. New Moon 5° Aries, 25.3. Sun conjunct Chiron 6° Aries, 30.3. Mars ingress Aquarius, 31.3. Mars conjunct Saturn 1° Aquarius, 3.4. Venus ingress Gemini, 5.4. Jupiter conjunct Pluto 25° Capricorn, 8.4. FULL MOON 19° Libra, 11.4. ;ercury ingress Aries, 15.4. Merury conjunct Chiron 7° Aries, 19.4. Sun ingress Taurus, 23.4. NEW MOON 5° Taurus, 25.4. Pluto Stations Retrograde 25° Capricon.

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