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Confines and compassion – New Moon in Cancer

Astrology | Body & Mind | 2.7.2019 | Kirsi Halla-Seppälä

New Moon Forecast is an astrological report from 2.7. to 31.7.2019

July starts off strong when with the New Moon, we get a Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer. Cancer is an archetype similar to Moominmamma, caring, warm, emotional but also tough leader full of initiative power. The sign of crab is such an interesting and multidimensional in it’s nature, but sometimes misunderstood as merely moody. Cancer, ruled by the Moon itself, seems to manifest the many phases of the Moon including always changing emotional life. Cancer represents both the Inner Child within everyone of us that needs safety and care, and also the nurturing Mother.

However this New Moon seems to highlight the strict and controlling side of Cancer. We’ve been floating in Neptune’s realms for many moons now so this is exactly what we need; seriousness, strictness, rules, structures, long-time plans and sticking to the them. Summer holiday full of leisure? Think again, this is a time to get ourselves together, evaluate the situation, define the desired goal and all what it takes to reach it. The New Moon’s energy at the moment is stiff, serious, realistic and driving but demanding. There’s a straightforward and stringent tone in it. Being truthful, even if it hurts, is so important at this time that it can’t be emphasized enough.

At it’s essence this Cancer New Moon is like a loving but rigorous mother demanding us to finally start taking responsibility. Procrastination or trying to postpone things we see as unpleasant can’t go on anymore. When avoiding things isn’t working and we are forced to face the reality something finally starts to happen for real. The anxiety beneath the surface starts to wear off once we start to face the truth of the situation and take action.

In the chart of the New Moon there’s an aspect formulation called the God’s Fist or Thor’s Hammer, you can choose your favourite, because that’s where the freedom of choice ends. Like their names, a fist and a hammer, it is strong and tough representing an energy that has its roots in the past and its nature is the result of the choices made long ago. We’re not victims of any mystical destiny or the puppets of astrological constellations. Instead the choices we made or decided not to make are now knocking on the door demanding for attention. The fist or hammer is pointing at Mercury which is just beginning it’s retrograde period in Leo making this aspect especially interesting. Mercury represents everything to do with words, mind, thinking, communication, logistics, siblings and short trips. Mercury in retrograde is known for that time when a lot of misunderstandings and delays happen, and every other humour demanding little incidents that challenge the every day life.

This Mercury retrograde period is especially noteworthy because it is between two eclipses and it’s so strongly underlined in the chart of this New Moon. Mercury in Leo is a traditional “Teacher’s Mercury”, creative, self-confident, a bit loud and not afraid of stating the truths of how everything should be done to be done correctly and what in general is the best for everyone. At the moment Mercury is between Juno (the asteroid of partnership, marriage and unions) and Mars (the planet that represents raw energy, aggression and straightforward action). Mars together with Mercury is quite a power couple shouting the things other people might think but not dare to say out loud. Truths are vocalised in the name of honesty, and sometimes it can be refreshing to be uncharacteristically open and straight, and give valuable information to others that makes possible to change things, but often times it’s just ego driven arguing and a need to be right. This is still a great combination, because mind gets extra boost of courage and straightforwardness, especially when the words come out of the pure heart. But if the talking is done by the ego suffering from the sense of low self-worth, it can lead to power struggles and cause huge dishevel with long time effects.

There’s always a certain special charge in the times of eclipses, and especially highly sensitive people may experience many different effects and sensations from insomnia to over excitement and nervousness or total exhaustion without any explanation. That leads us to the core of the message of this Solar Eclipse. It’s all about confines, one’s own limits, care, having enough strength and responsibility issues. If there is something fundamentally wrong with these things, life will show us what is the matter. If it’s been a mystery before, it will not stay unclear much longer what things, situations and people left you empty and halfhearted. It is your own duty to take care of your boundaries and do what needs to be done in order to make others respect those boundaries too. Channel your inner Cancer in it’s full power and become a loving but strict mother or at least your very own Mary Poppins and start taking good care of yourself. It does not mean pampering yourself to rotten (even though that is much needed too at times), but instead give yourself time and space to truly listen what is important to you and your well being and then give yourself that. Fulfill your needs and take care of yourself with such love and devotion that you’ve always wanted other people to give you.

This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.

Main themes of the month: 

getting serious, realities of life, decisions, truthfulness, honesty, growing up, determination, culmination point, not going back, structures, responsibilities, home, family, parenthood, trustworthiness, protecting what’s important, confines, limits, care, taking responsibility of one’s own happiness, need and fulfilling them

Astrology of New Moon: 

Total solar eclipse = Sun and Moon in Cancer conjunct North Node. Chiron square New Moon. Uranus sextile New Moon. Saturn opposition New Moon. Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn conjunct South Node. Mars, Mercury and Juno conjunct in Leo square Uranus. God’s Fist or Thor’s Hammer: Jupiter and Neptune as base and Mercury on top. Mars ingress Leo 2.7. Venus ingress Cancer 3.7. Mercury retrograde in Leo 8.7. Chiron retrograde in Aries 9.7. Full Moon and a Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn 16.7. Mercury retrogrades in Cancer 19.7. Sun ingress Leo 23.7. Venus ingress Leo 28.7. Mercury stations direct 1.8. New Moon in Leo 1.8.