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The beauty of wild nature is the most precious thing we have. I want to see a world where everyone recognizes their own unique beauty and respects their environment. That’s why I’ve created this website. Welcome.

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Coming soon: Yin Your Skin®

Yin Your Skin® is an online training bringing together guided meditation, transformative yin yoga practices with atmospheric sound healing, Korean skincare ritual and facial Gua Sha. Join to the mailing list and get nearly 300 pages Genuine Beauty Book e-book for free. You will be also the first one to hear when registration is open. Subscribe from here

Beauty Guide

Updated Genuine Beauty Guides available

Skin problems? Let’s troubleshoot together: In Genuine Beauty Guides I’ve covered the most common skin problems and shared my best tips and product recommendations. You will find the updated versions of Genuine Beauty Guides from here.

Green Beauty Scandinavia

Who’s Who in Green Beauty Scandinavia

I was awarded third place in the 2018 Who’s Who in Green Beauty Scandinavia, a high profile trade awards and as voted by the industry. ”No one personifies the Finnish green beauty industry more” says the jury which consisted representatives from the Scandinavia and UK. Read more from here.


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Astrology | Body & Mind

Confines and compassion – New Moon in Cancer

beauty rituals & natural cosmetics

Chapter 1 Beauty

Chapter I – Beauty

Library of Natural Cosmetics

Genuine beauty grows wild and free in the nature – and in human beings. We’re looking for the magical glow that’s impossible to describe but easy to recognize. In this chapter I’ll offer you a wide range of stories about natural cosmetics, skincare, beauty rituals and product reviews.


holistic wellness

Chapter II - Body & Mind
Chapter 2 - Body & Mind

Chapter II – Body & Mind

Inner Beauty Rituals

Those who are ready to dive deep into their truest self are rewarded with a special quality of beauty and serenity of mind. In this fast-paced world, nurturing the connection between body and mind is the most important self-care ritual. In this chapter, we’ll explore the holistic aspects of genuine beauty through yoga, astrology, nutrition and excercising.


once upon a journey

Chapetr II - Lifestyle
Chapter III - Lifestyle

Chapter III – Lifestyle

Beauty of Life

Beautiful life is not about achieving. It’s a series of sustainable everyday choices that help us live a meaningful life. I’m an aesthetic who loves new perspectives and beautiful homes. My wardrobe is not big – instead, it’s ethical, timeless and feels like my own. This chapter is dedicated to the beauty of everyday life and adventures.


good reads

Chapter IV - Books
Chapter IV - Books

Chapter IV – Books

Katja Kokko, Author

Welcome to my library. In this chapter I’ll introduce my first book Aidosti kaunis (Genuine Beauty, Cozy publishing, 2015) and its follower, Kuulaan kaunis (Gummerus, 2019). I’ve been working with beauty for two decades and I’m passionately studying the treasures of beauty philosophy.

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