Katja Kokko is a specialist of genuine beauty and a luminous influencer of holistic well-being. She is known as one of the most sought-after pioneers in the Finnish natural cosmetics scene.

Katja Kokko
beauty therapist | acupuncturist | make-up artist | organic cosmetic formulator | yoga teacher | author


By today, Katja has accumulated 24 years of professional experience on the beauty industry. She is an acclaimed beauty therapist, skincare professional, licensed acupuncturist, and yoga teacher.

Katja’s broad education contains cosmetology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, facial gua sha, Dr. Vodder manual lymph drainage, connective tissue manipulation, facial reflexology, and organic cosmetics formulation. Katja actively trains beauty professionals to her own Yin Your Skin treatment protocol.

Through years of dedicated research and study, Katja has honed her expertise and uncovered hidden connections between inner well-being and outer radiance. Her commitment to holistic beauty and her transformative practices have touched the lives and hearts of many, guiding them towards a deeper understanding of their own beauty.

In addition to her dedicated product development work, Katja regularly gives treatments at her clinical practice in Helsinki and Paris. Her treatments include facial gua sha, acupuncture, cosmetic acupuncture, and manual lymph drainage. Katja is known from her healing hands – and her unique ability to encounter her clients on a deep holistic level, guiding them into a deep trance-like state of relaxation.

Katja’s broad understanding of inner and outer beauty and her vision of phenomenalizing organic skincare has also sprouted a company in organic skincare and sustainable beauty, Jolie Organic Health & Beauty, a modern lifestyle brand that has grown into an international frontrunner. She sold her share of Jolie on 2014.

In her first book (Aidosti kaunis, 2015 / Genuine Beauty, 2017) Katja brings her reader to the source of genuine beauty – the one that can be found when listening to ourselves and appreciating our uniqueness. Katja knows the trends of skincare business like the back of her hands. Though she has the ability to recognize the next big things, she works as a dedicated spokeswoman for a sustainable beauty philosophy. Genuine beauty is all about appreciating and treating the environment with love and care, opening both the mind and body, and letting the wild natural beauty inside every woman to shine and blossom. Katja’s second book Kuulaan kaunis was published in February 2019 (Gummerus). Kuulaan kaunis is an in-depth guide to Korean skincare philosophy and beauty traditions.

Genuine beauty is all about appreciating and treating the environment with love and care, opening both the mind and body.

Katja is currently working with her skincare brands (Djusie and Yin Your Skin) and educating beauty professionals. Known as an enormous hall of records of all things genuine and beautiful, Katja’s website keeps charming new readers. The site serves as an uncompromising, passionate and, if necessary, a critical source of information – with a hint of entertainment and sparkle.

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