The undivided union of genuine beauty and overall wellness are rooted deep in the body and mind. Those who are ready to dive into their truest self are usually rewarded with a special quality of beauty and serenity of mind. In Katja Kokko’s books, this magical glow is called genuine beauty – a light that radiates wellness to oneself and others around.


Yoga is a fascinating personal journey, unique to every person. Katja took her first steps with Ashtanga Yoga in 2009. She felt immediately at home in the dynamically strengthening practice and it became a solid part of her everyday life.

Katja’s path has taken her to many different courses and retreats, both in her home country Finland and abroad (John Scott, Scott Johnson, David Keil, Sandra Howling, Eddie Stern). The abundance of international top teachers has offered Katja a wide range of advanced studies and the opportunity for deep self-reflection through yoga philosophy and of course, the vinyasa practice itself.

In 2014 Katja started a mentoring program with Magnus Appelberg, first assisting him and then moving on to teaching her own classes. Along the past years, Katja has welcomed a good amount of Ashtanga yogis and yoginis to both her elementary and advanced classes. In 2016 she added a deeply relaxing Yin Yoga class to her repertoire and became passionate about teaching the art of just being and listening to the whispers of body, mind and intuition.

In 2018 Katja met John Scott for the first time, which opened a new way on her yoga path. In 2020 Katja graduated as the first Finnish ashtanga vinyasa yoga teacher certified by John Scott. She did the JSY Teacher Training (RYS200) under the guidance of Sandra Howling in England. John and Sandra are the most significant teachers to her. Katja teaches ashtanga yoga and yin yoga courses few times in a year.

Over the years, yoga has guided Katja into many unimaginable places, not only around the world but also in her own body and mind. The journey to the self and genuine beauty unfolds through unexpected scenery, lights and shadows. There’s no such thing as a shortcut, and that’s perfectly okay. This is something Katja has learned on her yoga mat, and also during her twenty-year long career in holistic beauty. That’s what lead to her brainchild, Yin Your Skin® – a modern skincare concept that combines the meditative qualities of yoga with beauty rituals.

To be on a journey, one doesn’t have to travel far. Anyone can enjoy Katja’s Yin classes online via the Re-Start coaching program launched by Natural Goods Company. Katja’s journey in yoga will continue, now taking her students abroad as well: her 2018 retreat in Sicily will be followed with a sequel. In yoga, every practice is a new adventure.

Photos Richard Isaac

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