Yin Your Skin® – from ancient methods to modern self-care

Yin Your Skin® is a holistic beauty concept designed by Katja Kokko, bringing together the wisdom and effects of ancient traditions, creating a genuinely beautiful wellness experience. Enjoy the visible results of Korean skincare, the best techniques of Gua Sha, the meditative bliss of yin yoga and sound healing.

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Yin Your Skin® – a sensual wellness experience

Yin Your Skin® is skincare beyond the surface. It helps you heal your mind, body and spirit on a deep level and gives you tangible results – not only a tighter and healthier skin but also the special inner glow that makes your own genuine beauty shine bright.

Yin Your Skin® introduces you to the most effective Gua Sha techniques and brings your skin an instant boost of vitality and sculpting effects. Guided meditations and sensual yoga sessions combined with sound healing will take you on a transformative journey into your true self.

Feel the lightness, harmony and stillness in your body and enjoy effortless comfort in your skin.

Self-care has an enormous impact on your wellness and your energy. Yin Your Skin® will help you to wind down and be present with yourself. It harmonizes your mind and connects you to yourself – and to the foundation of genuine beauty.

Yin You Skin® – coming soon in August 2019 / Gua Sha by Katja Kokko tools available on May/June 2019. 

2019 Katja Kokko
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