This website was born as a blog in 2010. Even though I’m covering way more topics nowadays and the site has grown, you can still read and follow it like a blog. You’ll find all of my publishings here, in chronological order.


Inke’s Beauty Corner: Lights On!

Inke is a helpless beauty product enthusiast, always up for testing out curiosities – with love and a sense of humour. Okay, this might not come as news at this stage, […]


Bybi Conquers the World

Bybi Beauty, the Glossier of natural cosmetics, is busy taking the world by storm with its cute, colour-pop products and clever branding. Here’s how I described Bybi Beauty on my blog eighteen […]


Genuine Beauty Stars: Bhuti

Genuine Beauty Stars is a new series of articles that puts natural beauty salons, spas and hair salons around the world to the test. I love visiting beauty salons and […]