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Why gua sha really does work?

A facial gua sha brightens and tightens the skin, fades fine lines and wrinkles, reduces puffiness, accentuates the contour of the face and can relieve skin issues. The effects of a facial gua sha cannot be disputed, and it’s possible to gain spa-like results even at home if you master the technique. But what exactly makes gua sha so effective?


An Ode to Olivem 1000

Let’s dive deeper into one specific class of raw materials – emulsifiers. I will also talk about one of the most popular emulsifiers used in natural cosmetics, an emulsifier called Olivem 1000.


Wounded Lover – New Moon in Libra

New Moon Forecast is an astrological report from 28.9. to 27.10.2019 New Moon in Libra takes us back to relationships, unless we’ve already been there all the time. Exceptionally many […]


Yin Your Skin® online course now available!

Yin your skin has a very holistic approach and focuses mainly on product-free skincare. Learn the best gua sha techniques and efficient skin care methods, creating a sensual yin yoga studio in your own home.


What is gua sha?

A facial gua sha is a natural alternative to cosmetic injectables, which tightens, revitalizes and brightens the skin and effectively reduces puffiness.