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Those who are ready to dive into their truest self are rewarded with a special quality of beauty and serenity of mind. In this chapter we’ll explore the holistic aspects of genuine beauty through yoga, astrology, nutrition and excercising.

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Yoga Teacher Katja Kokko

Yoga as a Lifestyle

Yoga is all about re-uniting the body and mind, a grounding beauty ritual. For a decade, yoga has been an important and dear lifestyle for me. Nowadays, I teach both Ashtanga and Yin. Here you’ll find information about my teaching.


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Re-Start valmennus
Re-Start valmennus

Re-Start -coaching

Wellness Online

Katja Kokko is one of the five coaches in the Re-Start online coaching program by Natural Goods Company. Through Re-Start, you can attend Katja’s yin classes in your own living room or study her holistic skincare lessons.


cosmic wellness



Cosmic wellness

New Moon Forecast is an articulate and straight to the point yet humorous astrological report portraying themes, moods and trends surfacing from the collective consciousness during the monthly rotation of the Moon. It’s a cosmic weather report, and even though we all undergo the same weather phenomenon, how we experience them differs depending on our personal attitude and life situation.

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