The Rainbow’s Pot of Gold – New Moon in Taurus

Astrology | 23.4.2020 | Kirsi Halla-Seppälä

New Moon Forecast is an astrological report from 23.4. to 21.5.2020

The Sabian symbol of New Moon (4° Taurus) is ”The Rainbow’s Pot of Gold” sounds promising in this peculiar state of emergency that has affected welfare and subsistence of so many people. And yes, traditionally this Sabian Symbol is a promise of abundance, but we need a quite amount of inventiveness, determination and renewal to receive it.

New Moon in Taurus is allied with revolutionary and defiant Uranus, who symbolises sudden changes, exceptions and surprising situations. This Planet of genius and madness does its deeds in such an unpredictable way that those who are stuck in their old ways can not cope. Uranus wants to show us what is outlived and needs to change in our lives. That what is flexible enough to evolve will get through like a winner. And that which has no ability to modulate will fall apart.

Uranus may seem chaotic because it does not follow rules. It does not respect restrictions or routine, it breaks the dam of customary and makes energy burst out like a wild river. And you can’t control it’s speed or direction.

Taurus is stable and focused on security and permanent. Its earthy nature aspires to build and maintain something productive and long lasting. Taurus is real Gardener of Life who tends what is its own with such care and tenderness, be it roses or carrots, metaphorically speaking. Now that Uranus is with Taurus New Moon, it depends on the situation and person how it behaves. If you welcome Uranus’ guidance with gratitude, you can get your garden to next level with ingenious changes and radical clearing. And there where is no ability to listen, understand and adapt, Uranus may make a scene and wipe away the whole garden with one swift swirl of its cyclone.

No need to feel scared or guilty. Whatever happens the quality of time actualise and change makes new beginning possible. Spring is here. Birds sing, sprouts grow and buds open to be leaves and flowers. No matter how it seems and what kind of drama the mind makes, it is going to be alright. Better that alright. So much better than before, that’s for sure.

In the previous New Moon Forecast was a detailed list about what kind of rare combination of planets we are having at the moment. In mid May many of these planets start their retrograde phase bringing their own bizarre vibe to this already peculiar time. Brings to mind a lovely quote from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland: “Curiouser and curiouser!” Cried Alice (she was so much surprised, that for the moment she quite forgot how to speak good English).” In this time of retrograde both planets and many things in our everyday lives seems to silence. It takes us to a place of stillness, to things that weren’t quite finished in the past and deeper and deeper into our own inner world. It seems we’re not in Kansas anymore.

During this lunation cycle Venus starts her retrograde phase along with these allied bad boys, Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter. When in retrograde the theme of the planet is more emphasised than normally and weird things may happen in respect of that planet’s dominion. Venus is most often related to love, social life, values, beauty and finances. Her being in retrograde may unfold things, people and situations that were thought to be left in the past. In conflicting relationships this is the classic ”let’s get back together” time, because in Venus retrograde we often get new perspective and understanding in old situations that bring forth change of heart.

This is also time to question our values. What or who we thought was important may not really turn out to be that what (or who) matters most and with this revelation the change is inevitable. Sometimes we may want this kind of reform in our value system to show and we have a strong urge to change something in our appearance. Most common advice to Venus retrograde time is don’t cut fringe (especially yourself with kitchen scissors) and don’t do any radical changes in your looks that are difficult to fix after Venus goes direct again.

This is not a very good time to make a new major investments either. Sometimes the biggest things in Venus retrograde are related to money. Depending on your own past and stance this may bring you a sudden windfall or debt. During retrograde times we most often have to face something from our past since karmic things tend to activate. If there is a negative balance in your karmic account, it may be time to pay. But Cosmic Justice may also bring you a big reward from your long forgotten benevolence and good deeds.

Probably the best attitude to occurring circumstances is to muse that what an extraordinary times we are living. Strong faith and trusting the bigger plan and higher intelligence behind this all will help tremendously and get you through tight situations with grace.

By the way, the ”The Rainbow’s Pot of Gold” mentioned in the beginning symbolises a bridge between material and spiritual. This rainbow bridge can take us from the shackles of mundane, concrete and practical to the higher frequencies and cosmic realms. Those who seek gold from inside instead of external situations and things, from their heart, love, creativity, generosity, sense of community and togetherness, surrendering to what is, and becoming exalted by the little miracles of life, they are the ones who will find it.

The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise grows it under his feet.

J. Robert Oppenheimer

Main themes of the Month: 

sudden changes, unexpected happenings, surprises, letting go, renewal, pressure to change or adapt,  innovativeness, resourcefulness, silence and stillness,  retreat, turning inward, creativity, new ideas, liberation, past things surfacing, karmic balance, faith, bridge between material and spiritual, rainbow  

Aspects of the New Moon: 

Sabian Symbol of New Moon ”The Rainbow’s Pot of Gold”. Sun and Moon in Taurus conjunct Uranus, square Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter. Pluto, Jupiter, Pallas Athene and Saturn stellium. Venus conjunct Vesta. Venus trine Mars. Mercury sextile Venus and Mars. Mercury square Jupiter and Pluto.

Astrology of the Lunar Cycle: 

23.4. New Moon 4° Taurus, 25.4. Pluto stations retrograde, 26.4. Sun conjunct Uranus, 27.4. Mercury ingress Taurus, 7.5. Full Moon 20° Scorpio, 11.5. Saturnus stations retrograde, 11.5. Mercury ingress Gemini, 13.5. Mars ingress Pisces, 13.5. Venus stations retrograde, 14.5. Jupiter stations retrograde, 20.5. Aurinko ingress Gemini, 22.5. New Moon 2° Gemini