Mystic and Magical – New Moon in Pisces

Astrology | 6.3.2019 | Kirsi Halla-Seppälä

New Moon Forecast is an astrological report from 6.3. to 4.4.2019

New Moon in Pisces is ethereal, sensitive, intuitive, creative, passionate, devotional and quite magical. Mercury, the planet of mind and thinking, has just turned it’s powers inwards and started it’s retrograde phase in Pisces, the sign of the mystics and poets. This cycle of the Moon is indeed the time of dreamers, light bearers, visionaries and love infused light beings. It might be better to forget all about logic and rationality, forget everything that has something to do with precis measures, details or strict arrangements (gee, for some of us it’s time to do our annual tax-return!) , because collective mind is now turned, if not off altogether, then at least upside down and to a whole different frequency. If we try to force our mind to be pedantic, if we even think it should be as sharp as we’re used to, then there might be some unpleasant surprises or frustrating disappointments in store for us.

This cycle of the Moon is truly exceptionally like from a fairy-tale, but the magic can also be artificial, deceptive and momentary, or it can be very real and trustworthy, depending on frequency and the source it’s coming from.

New Moon is born in Pisces at 16 degree and it’s Sabian Symbol is ”In The Quiet Of His Study A Creative Individual Experiences A Flow Of Inspiration”. And this is what it’s all about now. Silence your mind and and dive into the inner flow of your creativity. New Moon is in conjunct with it’s own ruler Neptune that makes this time even more dreamy and sensitive. There’s also Vesta, the asteroid of kundalini and fire of the soul, in conjunct with Sun, Moon and Neptune. That can be the time when our dormant inner passion awakens or when we find ‘The Thing’ we want to dedicate our whole life to. Even if Pisces is often elusive and obscure, Vesta brings such focus, integrity and determination to it that it can burn all the obstacles away.

This is a time of a soul burning love and intensity, but not necessarily in the way that one might think. Many of us who are living aligned with their soul’s purpose may experience a huge inspiration and almost torrid passion, freely flowing creativity and blossoming of the heart that they may have to be extra careful to take care of their physical needs and invest on being in balance in order to stay grounded and not turn into the fiery will-of-the-wisp and vanish into some other realms.

Retrograding Mercury is in conjunction with Chiron, which has just changed its sign and started a journey in Aries. This has to do with bravery to start new things and have courage to be exactly who you are carrying your own flag, head held high. Chiron most often represents everything to do with health and well-being, it has a strong healer, teacher and shaman energy. Mercury and Chiron together with this exceptionally spiritually strong New Moon can make us see, feel and realise something that the mundane mind can’t understand and maybe even accept. We are definitely living marvelous times and for some people this may be a real shamanic journey to realms within and beyond mind to the dark chambers of consciousness and to the wonderful magical worlds of your imagination. But without the clarity of consciousness and the light of awareness, there might only be mirages and quicksand ahead. Everything that shines isn’t gold.

In the symbol of Pisces there are two fish swimming towards two different directions bound together from their tails. As great as the present energy is in this time, a great pontential to be betrayed is also present. Without clarity and clear consciousness this time can be full of haze, great confusion, uncertainty, insecurity and pointless fantasies. If your inner compass doesn’t work, you have a great danger to fall into the things that seem good on the surface and believe beautiful words which all turn out to be just empty promises, illusions and false mental images. But there’s a blessing hidden in it too, sometimes a disappointment is the thing that makes us wake up and gives us an ability to see through the irrelevant, reach for something real beyond thoughts and material.

If you’ve always gone where the fence is the lowest, avoided or ran from something that’s felt too much effort or unpleasant, or other than that tried to reach something in dishonest ways, the payment time is now. Many of the wrong decisions made in the past, fraud, deception and everything that we’re carrying the guilt from (even though we wouldn’t even remember it) might come back around waiting to be paid off with the most bizarre ways. Nonetheless or just because of this there is a tremendous love and mercy present and it is our job to see it and thank it with a humble heart.

”Let go of what has passed. Let go of what may come. Let go of what is happening now. Don’t try to figure anything out. Don’t try to make anything happen. Relax, right now, and rest.” Tilopa

Main themes of the month: 

drowsiness, absentmindedness, forgetfulness, sensitivity, emotion, empathy, inspiration, limitlessness, uncertainty, confusion, vagueness, shady, devotion, dedication, universal love, activation of the heart centre, oneness, oneconsciousness, awakening of kundalini, spiritual experiences, shamanism, creativity, dreams, visions, surrender, opening of the heart, floating, meditation, yoga, tantra, gentleness, love, seeing through ego’s lies

Astrology of New Moon: 

Sun and Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune and Vesta, sextile Mars and Saturn, square Jupiter. Chiron conjunct Mercury. Pluto and Saturn conjunct South Node. Mercury retrograde 5.3.-28.3. Uranus ingress Taurus 6.3. Sun ingress Aries 20.3. Full Moon in Libra 21.3. Venus ingress Pisces 26.3. Mars ingress Gemini 31.3.