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Courage to Love – New Moon in Aries

Astrology | Body & Mind | 5.4.2019 | Kirsi Halla-Seppälä

New Moon Forecast is an astrological report from 5.4. – 4.5.2019

The birth of a New Moon in Aries is like a lazy old band that’s been playing gooey and slightly out of tune slow dances way too long, suddenly gets a boost and starts blasting energetic marches causing bafflement in the tired and bit drunken crowd. Even though there’s still three planets in Pisces (Mercury, Neptune and Venus), we’re slowly creeping away from the vague Pisces time, towards perky, active and life sprouting spring.

That elusive and dreamy, yet incredibly sensitive and romantic Pisces energy gets it’s final peak for now on at Wednesday 10th of April when the planet of earthly love (Venus) joins the planet of universal and divine love (Neptune). Depending on the situation and person this might signify angel choirs singing while your loved one gets down on one knee at the most sentimental way, or on the other hand it might imply your readiness to see through your self-delusions and start loving yourself so much that you are willing to get rid of your tiresome role of a martyr and saviour that you finally start dabbling your shiny mermaid tail to swim at high speed to much clearer waters. Then there probably are some other alternatives to experience this time too, but that’s left to be seen.

Mercury is leaving this time of surreal thinking behind and moves to Aries on 17th of April. There it will quite happily cut corners and jump into hasty conclusions. This is a time for swift decisions, impulsiveness, impatience and bluntness in communication and that might surprise even them, who don’t normally identify with that type of behaviour. Venus moves from Pisces to Aries on 20th of April and along that romance is about to get some speedy ride. Willingness to go bravely forward, even if there are emotional risks involved, may be easier than in a long time. Adrenaline flows in Aries times (testosterone might be high too), so it’s all about going straight to the point, no games, no plays, no strategies, thank you very much. Everything should be how it seems and all situations should have a simple and quick solution. Control-Alt-Delete.

Some buts might get on the way though. South Node of the Moon that represents past experiences, is having two stern hard house guests. Pluto, that symbolises irrational fears, power, manipulation and all the gloomy bugbears in our inner dark corners, is there with Saturn, that represents restrictions, rules, obstacles and control. They might get opposite on your way to carefree, flowery fields of new beginnigs. This time might lift to the surface some things from the past that you need to face and take care of before moving on. More likely than that, they are old beliefs and programmings, that your past experiences made you digest and think as they are truth. Before you weight your head down, become discouraged and give up your dreams and plans, be make sure the things you think are on the way are real and not just some old echoes form the past. If it truly is something concrete that is restricting your freedom (like small children, way too late tax return or imprisonment), just face the situation just as it is, without unnecessary incendiary interpretations, be practical and do what need to be done in order to still be able to start something new in your life that makes life feel exciting and worth living for.

If you spend too long digging in your starting point you might accidentally cave a grave. Or at least so deep hole that it’s not that easy to get up from there any time soon. It really is quite a strong confrontation in the air at the moment between enthusiastic and eager Aries and those fears and suspicions that are holding New Moon in their tight grip. This just might be one of those situations where you can’t go around the obstacle but instead you have to go through. No matter how scared you might be, saddle the horse and hop on.

“Don’t be afraid of your fears. They’re not there to scare you. They’re there to let you know that something is worth it.” C. JoyBell C.

Main themes of the month: 

discipline and order, army, military, demanding, accomplishments, ambition, competion, greed for gain, pover struggles, bellicosity, readiness to fight, get a grip of oneself, control, determinity, strict attitude, radical life changes, ”enough is enough”, last straw, facing one’s past, giving up lies, seeing through illusions, truthfulness, realites, obstacles and restrictions from past, punishment, eagerness to move forward vs. lacking courage

Astrology of New Moon: 

Sun and Moon in Aries square Pluto and Saturn, opposition Pallas Athene and trine Ceres. Khiron sextile Mars. Pluto, Saturn and South Node in conjunct. Pluto sextile Mercury and Neptune. Neptune conjunct Mercury and Venus. Jupiter goes retrograde10.4. Mercury ingress Aries 17.4. Full Moon in Libra 19.4. Venus ingress Aries 20.4. Sun ingress Taurus 20.4. Pluto goes retrograde 24.4. Saturn goes retrograde 30.4. New Moon in Taurus 5.5.