Nightless nights

Beauty | 8.4.2019 | Katja Kokko

Finnish summer, nightless nights and traditional smoke sauna like nowhere else.

Finnish summer is magical. These lovely memories are from my 35th birthday from last summer. We celebrated it with my friends at Frantsila Herbfarm, which is a pioneer in organic herb farming in Finland, and has been a natural health product manufacturer since 1981.

That was the most amazing birthday ever. It was almost midnight but still light. We spent two hours in over 100 years old smoke sauna, covering ourselves with Frantsila’s peat, swimming in the lake and making facials with Frantsila’s products which are made from their own herbs.

I hope that my Welsh boyfriend will experience the magic of Finnish summer soon. However, this summer our plan is to make a little trip to English nature – which is for me just like in fairytails.

Summer, please come soon!

Photos Miki Tokairin