Wounded Lover – New Moon in Libra

Beauty | 28.9.2019 | Kirsi Halla-Seppälä

New Moon Forecast is an astrological report from 28.9. to 27.10.2019

New Moon in Libra takes us back to relationships, unless we’ve already been there all the time. Exceptionally many New Moons have activated some area of relationships this year. We are there again, among relations, social life, partnership, friendship, affairs and love because New Moon is in Libra, the most relationship oriented sign of the Zodiac. With Libra, its ruling planet Venus, represents harmony, beauty, love, co-operation, alliances, sharing and joining. And the meaning of Venus is also emphasised because of its strong but slightly distressed position in the chart of the New Moon

Every sign of the Zodiac has its own pair. It might even be more accurate to talk about six sign pairs than twelve individual signs, because the opposite signs always represent the different polarities of the same thing and together they form a whole, much like a coin with two sides. For example Libra, who pursues peace, harmony and collaboration, and in its nature is considerate, pleasing and often ends up compromising ones own needs in order to avoid confrontation needs Aries’ self-centeredness, self-willed and headstrong qualities as a counterbalance. It would be ideal if these two opposite qualities were balanced in our lives. Then we would avoid losing ourselves to others (often imagined) needs and expectations or on the other side wouldn’t end up being the despot who always wants to do things in their own way and who only cares about their own benefit.

Sometimes, when this ”what I want – what you want” is distorted in ourselves, other side domineering with the expense of the other, life tries to help us strengthen the weaker side. Right now we are in such a place, balance must be restored.

Libra New Moon is loosely in conjunct with Aries’ ruler Mars, which in itself brings some sternness, vigor and spunk to always benign and pleasing Libra. (Remember that when I talk about star-signs I never mean people who have that sign prominent in their horoscope. I always talk about them as an archetypal quality that we all have in some measure.) We also have Chiron opposing Sun and Moon, and that pretty much is the most important thing in this New Moon Chart. We’ve talked about Chiron a lot in our previous New Moon Forecasts, but as it is in so important role here, let’s summarise its theme a bit more.

Chiron, whom we often describe as the Wounded Healer, represents our wounds, hurts, uncertainties and low self-esteem. In our personal Natal Chart it shows the part in us that we might call the Achilles Heal. Chiron is such a multidimensional and deep archetype so that even when it also can tell much about our traumas, it also is the inner wise, the inner teacher and the healer or therapist in us. Chiron being in opposition with the New Moon activates our hurts and fears in relationships. It can show us our uncertainty, fear of being rejected or not lovable enough, even when there’s no any real reason for that in our current situation. The wounds are the wounds from the past that has to be seen in order to heal and let go. It is not possible to let go of something that we are not aware of holding on. So the best thing that can happen here is that the old patterns activate and force us to see what is in there. And this is the best possible time to make us uncomfortably aware of what’s going on inside of ourselves so that we would be motivated and ready for change. The time of New Moon always gives us a possibility for new beginning. We can choose something else, we can choose to find new ways.

The ruler of the New Moon, now when the New Moon is in Libra, is Venus and there’s a lot of pressure going on around her. Venus is in its own sign together with Mercury, which might give new insights and open up new possibilities for communication.  But it’s also in a challenging contact with Moon Nodes (the past and the future) and gets quite a heavy pressure from intensive and transformational Pluto and Saturn that represents demands and limitations. At its best this can be a time to see and be freed of negative programmings and models of action related to self-love, receiving, and one’s own worth, but there’s also sugar sweet Neptune who may lead us astray to fall into the old trap of self-deception or escapist patterns. But it seems we’re in a place where no amount of sugar coating will be of any help. We need to see and confront things as they are, and when we see what doesn’t support love and well-being, that’s what we need to let go.

It’s important to remember that none of the astrological constellations can make anything happen. Astrology is a mirror that reflects what is, it does not create any situations or make destinies. That’s why these collective stellar happenings mean a bit different things to different people. For some this might mean inner revelations and finetuning, for example like a situation where it would be a good idea to start learning to ask and receive, and not always be the one who’s okay with everything and who never thinks about what they want. For some other it might mean a time, when we need to finally take responsibility for our own life and see and talk about all the hurtful stuff that has been wiped under the carpet for years and kept silent about it. In any case it’s time to see what’s hurting your heart and what needs to be done with it. The time is now, but you decide what and how.

Main themes of the month: 

relationships, the balance between giving and receiving, no more compromise, old hurts activating in love, wounded self-esteem, to see one’s own worth, ”what you want – what I want”, loosing one’s self into pleasing others, own needs, courage to ask, transformative love, couple’s counceling, healed heart

Astrology of New Moon: 

Sun an Moon in Libra opposition Chiron, quincunx Uranus. Mercury conjunct Venus sextile Jupiter, square Saturn and Pluto, quincunx Neptune. Neptune square Jupiter, sextile Saturn. Pluto sextile Neptune. Pluto stations direct and Mercury ingress Scorpio 3.10. Mars ingress Libra 4.10. Venus ingress Scorpio 8.10. Full Moon in Aries 14.10. Sun ingress Scorpio 23.10. New Moon in Scorpio 28.10.