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Beauty | 12.9.2019 | Katja Kokko

Learn the best gua sha techniques and efficient skin care methods, creating a sensual yin yoga studio in your own home.

Subscribers of the Yin Your Skin® newsletter were given a chance to preview the Yin Your Skin® online course a week ahead, which I’ve been building for the entire past year. It feels quite surreal that the project has finally seen the light of day and can now be experienced by the people I created it for – you! The first person bought the course five minutes after I sent out the newsletter. It made me burst into tears – someone really bought it right away! As I write this update, a total of 99 purchases have been made! I have no words to describe how thankful I feel! The universe around has confirmed the feeling I’ve had throughout the project and that has only grown stronger in the process – it’s pure love!

The Yin Your Skin® concept stemmed from my 2017 workshops that merged yin yoga and skincare, which were sold out in a flash. Already back then, I received lots of requests to create an online version of the workshop, so people living further away or unable to attend otherwise could take part remotely. I mulled over the idea for a long time and had reserved a day in autumn 2018 for shooting videos, but in the end my inner voice forced me to cancel and keep working on the ideas for a little longer. My intuition told me something was still missing or perhaps the time simply wasn’t right. Intuition always knows best, and the same was true this time.

I took a timeout, allowing my thoughts to ripen and become refined – usually when I let go and allow energy to flow freely, the universe shows the way. It may sound a bit hippyish, but this philosophy has steered my life for the past decade. It has never led astray, although it hasn’t always led to where I wanted either. Sometimes there are challenging markers along the way that have to be confronted before advancing to where one really wants.

Along the way, it has become clear over and over again that the time and people involved are exactly right. The original plan was to launch the course already in May, but as the deadline got closer, we decided to prioritize quality over the schedule and give each person in the project time to work in peace. It was worth the wait, and I hope it also shows in the course.

Yin Your Skin® is an online course that fuses together all I’ve learnt during my career of two decades in the beauty industry. It has a very holistic approach and focuses mainly on product-free skincare. Products do have their necessary place – like the cherry on the cake – but anything that truly matters goes deeper than the surface of the skin.  

The Yin Your Skin® online course includes:

  • Two yin yoga sessions (30 min. and 90 min.) with detailed guidance, the soundscape composed and produced by Finnish pop artist IRENE
  • Guided meditation (10 min.)
  • Detailed instructions for a Korean skincare regime (duration 20 min). 
  • Detailed instructions for a facial gua sha: Tightening, Brightening and Lifting Treatment (20 min.), Treatment for Reducing Swelling and Removing Metabolic Waste (10 min.), Instant Beauty Fix and Glow (5 min.), Quick Anti-Stress Treatment for the Body (5 min.) and Introduction to the World of Gua Sha (20 min.). Find out more about gua sha here.
  • Downloadable, detailed written materials on meditation, the body’s energy centres chakras, yin yoga, the theory of five elements, meridians, the fascia network, gua sha and its effects, the lymph system, and skincare.
  • Detailed illustrations of the body’s meridians, facial and head meridians and acupoints, facial and neck lymph nodes, the body’s energy centres chakras, and gua sha massage pattern.
  • Product tips for skincare and gua sha.

The Yin Your Skin® online course is available for 65 € (incl. VAT), providing access to videos for 8 months.

To find out more and subscribe, visit this link.

My mission is for Yin Your Skin® to guide you to the best holistic selfcare methods, which will make you feel whole and well in your body. The external benefits and visible results of gua sha, skincare and yin yoga are just a by-product of the methods. The core of Yin Your Skin® is to go deeper than the skin, penetrating the very heart and source of genuine beauty.

With all my heart I can say that Yin Your Skin® seems to express my truest self. I feel closer to my calling than ever before, and am certain it will take me in the right direction. The course and Yin Your Skin® gua sha tools  are only the beginning to the story of what the concept will become one day – I’ve never been bursting with as many ideas. Because it all feels so right, I haven’t felt a rush to get busy with things. It’s wonderful to be able to trust that the concept will grow and evolve at exactly the right pace.

I hope the course offers you a holistic wellbeing experience that tantalizes all the senses!

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