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Yoga suits any age, size, fitness level and shape. It’s beneficial all round and has a holistic effect.


Watamu Treehouse – the yoga retreat in paradise

A yoga retreat is the perfect way to go if you don´t want to travel solo, but cannot seem to find a friend to travel with. I have been to Petri Räisänen´s retreats in Thailand, India and this time in Kenya. Of these three retreats, Watamu by the Indian ocean was an absolute dream come true.

Body & Mind

Gentle Moods, Soft Shades

Post includes offer As I’m writing this post, there are thunderstorms outside. It’s pouring rain, the sky is dark but bright at the same time. Fantastic. Grey, rainy days are a […]


A Moment with Mia Höytö

  In collaboration with Biodelly.fi Most of my Finnish readers are probably familiar with the certified natural cosmetics line Mia Höytö. Mia’s products are made in Helsinki and they are […]

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