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Gentle Moods, Soft Shades

Body & Mind | 30.8.2015 | Katja Kokko


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As I’m writing this post, there are thunderstorms outside. It’s pouring rain, the sky is dark but bright at the same time. Fantastic. Grey, rainy days are a completely different story from a good downpour and thunderstorm. Thunderstorms always make me feel calm, cleansed.

There’s another reason to feel good: last weekend’s yoga workshop for beginners. I was just saying goodbye to this group of students when the sky blew up with thunder. I’ll be seeing some of the students again for a ten week intensive course. The rest will hopefully carry on practicing ashtanga yoga with some other teacher.


The workshop once again reminded me of how rewarding instructing yoga is. Even though I love everything I do for work, there is something so real and pure about yoga that makes my entire heart shine. That’s why I’m feeling calm and almost foolishly happy, the same gentle feeling you get when falling in love. You don’t need to explain anything, you simply let things be as they are. That stunned realization: oh, is this what happiness is? Utter peace, being nothing, yet feeling everything. You don’t have to do anything about anything.


I think instructing a little yoga here and there is a strategy that works for me, because my wish is to maintain this feeling. Of course I might never get tired of something that feels so right, but I still want to cherish this. For me, when it comes to instructing yoga, less is more.


In this post I’ll give you tips on good yoga clothes, as that’s a much requested subject. What better time to introduce you to my favorites than now when I can also offer you a discount code? At first this discount was meant only for my students but luckily now I get to offer it to all of you.

Ecological yoga clothing brand Wellicious is offering my readers a 10% discount at their webshop with discount code KATJA10. In addition to yoga clothing, you can also find clothes for dance, pilates and other activities, as well as a loungewear collection. There’s also a small collection of yoga clothes for men.


Wellicious yoga tops have proved to be the best of any brand. The materials are wonderfully soft and durable. For me, the most important feature is the integrated bra that gives fantastic support and makes a separate sports bra unnecessary.

There’s a large variety of styles and the range of colors is updated every fall and spring. Personally I only go for white, black and nude shades in yoga tops.


My favorite styles for yoga tops are the Control Top, the Best Vest and the Soft Vest. Control Top and Best Vest are made of a thick and firm, very pleasant material. Soft Vest is a little bit thinner, soft and smooth. I recommend choosing your normal size for all yoga tops. I wear size S.

Control Top is extremely supporting and I especially like the back. The top is a little bit skimpier on size than other styles, but my usual size S still suits me.


Best Vest is a heavenly soft, fully opaque white top with a rhinestone encrusted Wellicious logo at the back. I can’t decide which one I love more – Control Top or Best Vest. Perhaps the latter, as the material is so comfortable and luxurious.


Soft Vest is made of a wonderfully smooth fabric. I’m very fond of this nude shade, but it’s available in a range of colors. This is probably Wellicious’s most popular top style and I don’t wonder why. It’s soft and sturdy, but somehow non-existent. (Meaning, it doesn’t pinch or clench and the material is nice and thin.)


One of my long-time favorites is the Mesh Tank, which requires a sports bra. I have the  Control Bra, the Soft Bra and the Nicer Cropped Tank, all in size S. I should mention that my chest is quite large (65F), but Wellicious size S still suits me.


I also own two long-sleeved Wellicious tops that I use for instructing and final relaxation. The Knit Raglan Jumper, made of organic linen, and the Jam Jumper both seem to be on sale (the offer doesn’t apply to sale items). The linen jumper has an open knit mesh structure and the Jam Jumper has nice holes for thumbs.


When it comes to yoga pants, for a long time I wore the craziest colors and patterns, mostly by the California-based brand Teeki. Nowadays I seem to be slipping on a pair of neutral-looking Wellicious pants quite frequently. You don’t always want to look like a peacock.

The loveliest of all Wellicious pants are definitely the Stay Down Leggings with stirrups (pictured above). My pair is well over three years old, but still in great condition. Control Leggings seem to have a nicer waistband and a thicker material in addition to stirrups. They’ll probably be my next purchase.

I also own a pair of Zip Zip Leggings with zipper pockets and a striped, yet neutral pattern. I wear size XS in Wellicious pants. I accidentally ordered Zip Zip Leggings in size S and they are definitely a little loose, so for leggings I would recommend maybe even choosing a size smaller than you usually would.

What are your favorite brands for yoga clothing? What qualities do you look for in clothes?


Pictures Denis Vinokur

Translation Eeva Kolu

Tops purchased with discount

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