To become who you are – New Moon in Scorpio

Astrology | 28.10.2019 | Kirsi Halla-Seppälä

New Moon Forecast is an astrological report from 28.10. to 25.11.2019

The time of Scorpio is traditionally a time of transformation and letting go, it’s a time of silence, turning inwards and diving deep. Look at the nature, it shows you how. Just like that the leaves fall and rot. All the pretty flowers and colourful plants – decorations of nature – fade, wither and perish. Now it is time for darker tones, days get shorter and light decreases. Everything that is not necessary just shrivels and life forces are directed inwards, to the roots under ground.  

Uranus the planet of sudden moves, surprising changes, discharge and revolution is in opposition with New Moon. This saucy force of renewal is like a lightning bolt, charged and unpredictable, but at the same time like a breath of extremely fresh air that wipes all the dust and cobwebs away. In other words this New Moon in Scorpio is like a brave and rebel freedom fighter who will not tolerate any kind of restrictions over genuine self-expression. The quality of time positively screams let me be who I am, what ever that is. And for heavens sake if someone tries to interfere or hamper. There is no stopping this ball lightning who just wants to shine its own light.

This Scorpio New Moon spiked with Uranus is pretty straightforward, intensive, charged and delicately tuned into the inner realms. Chiron, the archetype of a Wounded Healer is in sensitive contact with New Moon, and is triggering all those hurtful experiences when our will was offended, our creativity was insulted or our emotions and needs were belittled. That part in ourself that in some point of life ended up feeling stupid and unworthy, that part that isn’t sure if they even have a right to exist, well that part has now had enough and is not going to apologise anymore, not even ask anyone’s  permission.

Even if modern astrology sees Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, as a ruler of Scorpio. its original ruler in traditional astrology is the Warrior God Mars. Energy, assertiveness, aggression and spunk are all traits of Mars and right now, in the chart of New Moon, Mars is the most challengingly situated planet. Restricting Saturn and dominating Pluto with a South Node of the Moon that represents our past all have Mars in their grip. In its worse this might represent a situation where there are power struggless, control and supress, and everything just waits for an explosion. We should not forget Neptune with it’s etheric and boundless quality who is also part of this mess bringing confusion and willingness to escape an open conflict even if it means sacrificing oneself.

On the other hand, at its best Saturn can also mean determination, steadfastness and commitments to things that really matter. Saturn may bring an ability to make longterm plans and work hard for them, just like Pluto can destroy that which has become too rigid and dull to serve us anymore. At this time so many of us has been experiencing collapsing of old structures, and when old programmings unravel and all that what we thought was a permanent part of ourself is breaking down one can momentarily feel very empty and uncertain like there’s nothing solid under your feet. But nothing can stay empty that long. If we dare to trust and surrender, there comes a time when we can focus our energies to something that is more in line with what is true and real to us now. Not what we once were or what someone would like us to be.

This is rather radical time for letting everything go, letting the past die and stay in that apparently empty space between death and a new beginning. Nature shows you the way. Plain and ascetic forms, all the shades of grey and if it’s not dark yet it soon will be. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Everything is exatly as it should be. It’s a Scorpio time, and in all it’s unscrupulousness and absoluteness this is precisely what we need right now.

Main themes of the month: 

letting go, getting rid of, death of old forms, emptiness, darkness, rebellion, renewal, authentic self, passion, turning inwards, strengthening of the spirit, being focused on one’s own things, deep emotions and needs, dedication, headstrongness, secession, unaffectedness

Astrology of New Moon: 

Sun an Moon in Scorpio opposition Uranus and quincunx Chiron. Pluto sextile Venus, square Mars and conjunct Saturn. Neptune quincunx Mars. Saturn square Mars. Venus, Pallas Athene and Mercury in conjunct in Scorpio. Jupiter and Ceres in conjuct in Sagittarius. 31.10. Mercury retrograde in Scorpio. 1.11. Venus enters Sagittarius. 11.11. Mercury conjunct Sun. 12.11. Full Moon in Taurus. 19.11. Mars enters Scorpio. 20.11. Mercury Station Direct. 22.11. Sun enters Sagittarius. 26.11. Venus enters Capricorn. 26.11. New Moon in Sagittarius.