Magic of Intention – New Moon in Virgo

Astrology | 30.8.2019 | Kirsi Halla-Seppälä

New Moon Forecast is an astrological report from 30.8. to 27.9.2019

In the Zodiac Virgo represents the skill of specialization. Virgo in us knows how to separate the wheat from the chaff, how to scrutinise, be critical and not only see the fault in everything, but also know what there is to do to make everything better. In many ways Virgo is the sign of a healer. She knows how to mend and improve. Sometimes this can lead to constant critisism and dissatisfaction, with twisted concept of perfection. Then life starts to be one never ending project to try to be better, learn more, be healthier, eat cleaner and so on. When we can’t see the value of being human and beauty of imperfection, the Virgo in us has become distorted and as an antidote we need a big dose of compassion, gentleness, leniency and update to our misconception of comparison based idea of perfection.

This New Moon in Virgo is definitely pure and focused since all the personal planets are in this analytical, practical and rational sign. And all of them are neatly side by side like pearls in a string. In astrology this is called a stellium, in other words there is a stellium when at least three planets are together in close proximity at the same place of the Zodiac. Now we have six planets in the beginning of Virgo: Mercury, Juno, Moon, Sun, Mars and Venus.

This time is perfect for everything that has something to do with organising, planning, cleaning, meticulous and detailed work that needs concentrating. This Virgo galore might direct your attention to some specific area of life that needs mending, healing, improving or revitalising. If you are familiar with astrology you might want to check the house in your natal chart that this Virgo stellium is located in. It will show you the things that most urgently need your focus and care.

In the chart of the New Moon there is such a lovely trine from invigorating Uranus to Sun and Moon. This might be the time when all that is needed to get things moving into the right direction is to see things as they are. Just looking at things with honest and critical (but non-judgmental) eyes may be enough to make the change happen in the most natural way.

The sign of the Virgo is often associated with health and well being, and especially to problems in the gut or stomach area. Because asteroid Ceres, that represents nutrition, unconditional love and a fear of abandonment, is in a very intensive contact with Sun and Moon, this may be the time that issues with food, eating, concept of health, body image, loving and accepting oneself may get into the surface. This may be the time for healing insights and deep understanding. True healing and change for the better can be gained by listening and appreciating oneself, not by getting new restrictions and making new rules and trying to follow them.

Relationships and matters of heart are still very much on display, but with a different tone than in the beginning of August when New Moon was in Leo. Virgo is basically unselfish, considerate and focused of serving. The sign of Virgo is not that focused on relationships than so many other signs, it’s normally more concerned about things than people. But this time we have a very interesting combination in the chart of the New Moon. Both male-female pairs are in conjunction, so the union of the masculine and feminine is strongly emphasised. There is the Father archetype Sun (yang) and Mother archetype Moon (yin) together with the most masculine Inner Warrior Mars (yang) and the archetypal Woman Venus (yin) all in conjunct with Juno, the asteroind of marriage and soulmates. With all these planets there is also an androgynous Mercury, the messenger of Gods. And this heavenly lot is located in the beginning of the sign of the Virgo.

Depending on the situation and persons involved this very well might mean some sort of a peak experience  in the relationship. Virgo is the sign of the polishing touch and achievement of perfection. So at this time it might not only be something good but quite fantastic. In some other scenario this might indicate a union of the inner male and female. When these two basic energies are combined in the harmonious way it starts to manifest also in many different visible ways. Feminine in us is the part that represents our values, all that what is dear and important to us. Feminine is the magnetic force that attracts everythin we love and value (if we believe we are worth it!). Masculine is the active energy that goes and does and gets what the feminine in us wants. When these two forces are in balance it shows as a very natural and creative flow that makes things happen in the most fulfilling way. And it will make our life feel so satisfying that it really doesn’t matter if we are in a relationship or not.

Because the New Moon is always quite a magical time of new beginnings, this is a very good time to make new plans and direct your energy to all that you want to achieve. Take some time to yourself and make a New Moon ritual that feels right and meaningful for you. In that ritual examine carefully your life and yourself.

What is the most important thing to you in your life? To you as an individual who can live your live in a purposeful and meaningful way. If you could get one of your dreams fulfilled before you die, what would you choose that to be? What in your everyday life supports this goal and what is on it’s way? Think, analyse, evaluate and determinate, then make a concrete plan of action. If you want something and are ready to commit yourself to it by changing your habits or something in your everyday life, you can get it. Harness this special Virgo New Moon energy by creating an important and clear intention and then focus on it in the most practical way. If you truly  want something, start now.

Main themes of the month: 

specializing, concentrating, focus, everyday life, wellbeing, health, nutrition, humanity, practicality,habits, life style, cosmic marriage, relationship between feminine and masculine, commitment, intetion, wish of the heart, solution focused action, healing, mending, organizing, cleaning, clarity, renewal, new beginnings

Astrology of New Moon: 

Sun an Moon in Virgo conjunct Mercury, Juno, Mars and Venus. New Moon trine Uranus, quincunx Chiron and square Ceres. T-cross: Venus opposition Neptune square Jupiter. Pluto sextile Neptune. Neptune sextile Saturns. Full Moon in Pisces 14.9. Venus and Mervury ingress Libra 14.9. Saturn stations direct 18.9. Sun ingress Libra 23.9. New Moon in Libra 28.9.