Plans with Wings – New Moon in Taurus

Astrology | 5.5.2019 | Kirsi Halla-Seppälä

New Moon Forecast is an astrological report from 5.5. to 2.6.2019

The New Moon of May is born in sensual, earthy and calm Taurus, a sign which is ruled by loving Venus. Taurus Moon is typically a time to concentrate all things delicious, material and concrete. It’s a time to relish and focus on all the miracles happening in the nature that gently caress your senses. It’s a time to put your hands into dirt and work at the garden till the sun goes down and you are happily knackered.  Or to spend extra to get some fancy eatables to have a barbecue feast at the backyard with your friends and family. All that easygoing, enjoyable and harmonious Taurus stuff that everybody loves. And that’s why it’s somewhat confusing that everything else on the New Moon chart seems to be pointing into completely opposite direction.

Because Taurus is a sign ruled by Venus, one would expect it’s calm, gentle and harmonious quality to be strongly emphasized during this time. Instead it seems to be more about Mars. The ruler of the New Moon (Venus) is in impulsive and feisty Aries, the sign ruled by fiery Mars, and in conjunct with Vesta, the asteroid of inner flame and passionate devotion. Also every single even slightly interesting aspect in the chart of the New Moon seems to be involving Mars, making it more and more meaningful at the moment. We already had a New Moon in Aries in April, so it’s a bit puzzling why this Taurus Moon, which should be much more placid and composed, seems to be repeating the same(ish) lesson. Besides of Mars, Pluto and Saturn who have just begun their retrograde phases and dwelling on the South Node, are the ones giving the shots. And that suits them just fine, since they both love to be in charge, and as if that’s not enough, they both have a tight grip on Mars, like they’re forcing it to face something essential.

New Moon is always about new beginnings in a form or another, and creative but practical Taurus is a master of matter and form, it feels like this time is pushing us out of our comfort zone, to dare to begin. Both Pluto and Saturn are harassing Mars from a very quirky aspect. It’s like they’re reminding us to go forward, always forward, and leave everything that has happened behind, because it doesn’t exist anymore unless we choose to carry it around in our head. Whatever happened in the past, does not have to define our present or affect to our future. No matter what’ you’ve been through let it go, get up and go on. It’s time to empty the emotional backpack of all the hurt, bitterness and disappointment, because if your bag is full of memories of the past, there isn’t any room in there for new possibilities and exhilarating succeeding.

There’s also very interesting t-cross in the chart of the New Moon. Jupiter that’s often connected to good fortune and opportunities is opposite Mars the Action, and Neptune that represents visions, spirituality and oneness, is in an intensive square to both Mars and Jupiter. This may manifest in many ways, depending on how much awareness there is involved, but at it’s best this is about courage to hear the inner call, to follow your heart and proceed with making dreams reality. Transform your crazy fantasy into a practical plan and work hard to fulfill it step by step. During a time like this ideas don’t just get wings but they may grow roots and start sprouting. As optimistic and expanding Jupiter is in opposition with Mars in inventive Gemini it might be a bit foolhardy and risky combination, but when the foundation is well built and plans have been simmering to the point of being overcooked, this might just be the invigorating and encouraging wave of energy that pushes the perfectly ready ship off of the harbour and the adventure may begin.

Along with these exhilarating energies there’s something very heavy and karmic, if I may say so. Pluto the King of the Underworld and Saturn the Lord of Karma are retrograding together in Capricorn on the South Node that represents the ”karmic saldo” and all the experiences and programmings from our past. This exceptionally emphatic combination lasts a long time and is especially meaningful for those who have something important (like Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven, Mercury, Venus, Mars etc.) in their natal chart at 20 to 28 degrees of Capricorn, Cancer, Aries or Libra.

The things we’ve not been able to confront before are arising from our subconscious and are taking a physical form, so that we could finally take the bull by the horns and be liberated from everything we’ve been avoiding all our life. That which has to change can not be run away from anymore. It’s finally possible to see things as they are. Saturn here is helping us to see and accept the limitations we’ve created and to realise how we’ve put ourselves in dire straits. Very practical attitude is always helpful with Saturn. Take care of your duties, conquer the tasks you’ve postponed, take responsibility, priorise, focus, work hard and grow up. Pluto is here to help us dredge our inner depths and confront a few ancient sea monsters that might be lurking there in the dark. When you’re not afraid of it anymore you may harness it’s strength or get rid of it’s influence. It’s all about a kind of emotional detox: purify, relinquish, unleash, let go and be freed.

Main themes of the month: 

enthusiasm, self-confidence, courage to take risks, making one’s dreams come true, practicality, letting go, forgiveness, facing one’s fears, realities, accepting the truth, growing up, getting serious, detoxing, purification, finding the right direction, getting a grip of oneself, inner pressure, manifesting unconscious physically, ”no pain, no gain”

Astrology of New Moon: 

Sun and Moon in Taurus trine Saturn and sextile Neptune. Pluto and Saturn in conjunct on South Node quincunx Mars. Jupiter opposition Mars. Neptune square Jupiter and Mars. Saturn and Pluto square Venus. Venus conjunct Vesta. Mercury ingress Taurus 5.5. Venus ingress Taurus 15.5. Mars ingress Cancer 16.5. Full Moon in Scorpio 18.5. Sun and Mercury ingress Gemini 21.5. New Moon in Gemini 3.6.