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Surf the Wave – New Moon in Leo

Astrology | Body & Mind | 1.8.2019 | Kirsi Halla-Seppälä

New Moon Forecast is an astrological report from 1.8. to 29.8.2019

The New Moon of August is not only flamboyant and pompous, but also loving, warmhearted, benevolent and sincere. New Moon is conjoined with Venus, the planet of balance, harmony, beauty and values. It is also one of the most important indicators of relationships and social life. Therefore invigorating and activating energies of New Moon are mostly directed towards our love life, value system and finding a balance there where it’s been compromised.

Creative self-expression is the most essential thing being represented by the sign of Leo, along with one’s heart energy and own path. Leo is all about following your own heart, passion and desire, creating your own destiny, charing creative talent with others (not as a part of a group though, but without compromises, exactly the way that feels right in your heart). The archetypal Leo that lives in all of us is a Star, Diva, Creator, Royalty and the one that stands out of the crowd for their own uniqueness, personal charm and creativity. At it’s best Leo is warm, brilliant, cordial, authentic and childlike, and we better not talk about what it can be at it’s worst, because of all the signs of the Zodiac Leo is the one that wants to turn their face towards the sun and insist that shadows or anything unpleasant doesn’t even exist, not in their life at least. And if someone says otherwise, it’s just them being jealous.

Uranus, dynamic and pulsing wildly the energy of reform, is in a very intensive contact with the Sun, Moon and Venus. This energy is an unpredictable and sudden but pushing strongly forward, which is a nice change after past months that have kept our focus in the past for so long. Almost all summer we have been forced to face unfinished things that we had left behind and thought they would stay there. All the retrograde planets, eclipses, Pluto and Saturn on the South Node of the Moon that represents our past lives and karma have taken care of this. Mercury retrograde has been like a cherry on top on this ancient cake that we have been munching these past weeks. But now Mercury has stationed direct and with a help of Uranus this means that things are starting finally to move forward, obstacles and hindrances are fading away and a big gust of cosmic wind may help us to take a huge leap ahead. And since Uranus can not be predicted nor controlled it’s best to take as steady position on a surfboard as possible, let the wave take you where it wants to go, and enjoy the ride. If you could see things from the larger perspective you would know that it’s taking yout to the best possible direction, but it demands wisdom, trust and ability to let go. If you are able to do that, this energy wave can thrust you immensely forward and even so that you can feel the joy of moving forward in your every cell.

Mercury that represents communication, words, thinking and mind has the most challenging location at the chart of the New Moon. Since it’s just ending it’s retrograde phase it’s in a so called ”station” mode and especially emphatic at these times. Also laborious and demanding Saturn along with intensive and destructive Pluto are both opposing it putting Mercury under a very heavy influence. For some this might have something to do with contracts, responsibilities or other burdens that are not yet quite dealt with. These things can not be avoided or bypassed, trying to do that would only add unnecessary anxiety or fear, and only way to be free is to face the situation and take care of everything that needs to be taken care of with meticulousness and caution.

There’s a complex aspect figure on the chart of the New Moon called The Finger of God or YOD. It points to conjoined Mars and Juno. Juno is an asteroid of unions, partnerships, marriage and craving to experience a deep and meaningful relation with someone special. Mars represents energy, aggression, sexuality, assertiveness and action. These two are in Leo aspected by Pluto and Neptune in the most confusing and abrading ways.  This configuration confirms the relationship theme of the whole chart of the New Moon bringing their own muddy undertone to the quality of time. It might be that everything in your love life or work relations isn’t quite what it seems or what it ”should be”. There’s a big risk to misstep in self-deception and refuse to see the truth, because the need to keep mental images of someone intact is stronger than the will to be honest with oneself. Depending on the person and the situation this may be just a passing drawback that will only strengthen the mutual bond when things get cleared out together, or it can be a good old double-dealing where someone didn’t mean to keep their promises in the beginning with but instead used emotive sweet talk just to manipulate or get what they wanted in purely selfish basis.

Luckily the energy of this Leo Moon is so radiant and high with self-esteem that if you happened to find yourself in such a situation, the recovery would be easy enough. Just get out of the sinkhole, shake the mud off of your hem, straighten up your posture and correct your crown, and then plunge towards all that wonderful and fun stuff that’s totally your own and makes your heart glow with such joy that no untruthful second-rate boo could ever make you feel that way.

Main themes of the month: 

creative self-expression, parth of the heart, love, relationships, marriage, harmony, balance, cordiality, benevolence, generosity, sudden changes, going forward, renewals, surprising incidents, taking care of responsibilities from the past, keeping one’s promises, being released from old by taking responsibility, brave beginnings in relationships, confusion and vagueness especially in relationships with men

Astrology of New Moon: 

Sun and Moon in Leo in conjunct Venus, square Uranus, trine Jupiter and Chiron. The Finger of God a.k.a. YOD: Pluto sextile Neptune pointing Mars and Juno in Leo. Chiron trine Venus. Pluto and Saturn opposition Mercury. Pluto quincunx Mars. Pluto conjunct Saturn. Neptune quincunx Mars, square Jupiter, sextile Saturn. Jupiter trine Mars. Mercury stations direct 1.8. Jupiter stations direct 11.8. Uranus retrograde 12.8. Full Moon in Aquarius 15.8. Mars ingress Virgo 18.8. Venus ingress Virgo 21.8. Sun ingress Virgo 23.8. Mercury ingress Virgo 29.8. New Moon in Virgo 30.8.