Far and Wide – New Moon in Sagittarius

Astrology | 26.11.2019 | Kirsi Halla-Seppälä

New Moon Forecast is an astrological report from 26.11. to 25.12.2019

New Moon in Sagittarius widens our horizon often both physically and mentally. It makes our dreams bigger, ideas more exiting, visions of better future more idealistic and tantalizing. The quality of Sagittarius is open, honest, enthusiastic, outgoing, social, optimistic and innovative. Sagittarius is a stargazer, and like centaurs in old myths (and Harry Potter), they reach out high and share their beliefs and understanding with great vigor.

If there was a great teacher, Guru or preacher of eternal truths in Zodiac, it would definitely be Sagittarius. Some have even called this generous, benevolent, broad-minded and global sign Santa Claus. So it is just perfect that this cycle of the Moon lasts over Christmas day and Boxing Day brings us next New Moon that is in Capricorn.  

Every degree of the Zodiac (there are 360 of them) has its own Sabian Symbol. It’s a kind of a verbal image that often sounds enigmatic and brings a vivid vision of a certain thing or situation. This New Moon is located on a degree that has a Sabian Symbol called ”An Old Owl Up in a Tree”. I wanted to mention this peculiar little detail because New Moon is conjunct with Pallas Athene, an asteroid of creative intelligence, vision and strategy, and owl is one of its symbols.

We are just leaving behind an intense phase of Mercury retrograde. During that time we had a chance to re-estimate, re-evaluate, re-schedule, reappear, retreat and reflect. All this should have helped us to gain more understanding about things left behind that are not really over, underlying power balance (or imbalance), hidden motives and emotional baggage. Now we can surface from Scorpios’ lair with so much deeper and accurate knowledge and determination to move forward. Some might have notice that they had to cancel plans, that some previously made commitment didn’t feel right anymore. All that was necessary and now that our inner coordinates are up to date we’re navigating more smoothly where we actually wan’t to go.

The main theme of this New Moon is right this. Like an owl we too can see the big picture if we look far and wide enough.  Perhaps you need to travel to get this fresh updated outlook? Perhaps a wise book, some course or wonderfully rousing teacher or therapist could help you see wider, set the big motors running and lift your life to the next level? This is not a time to be petty and fixate in details. We should be outlining the sketch of our future with generous strokes. Visualize the most amazing and incredible future possible for the next year and then double it. Think Big. Dream Bigger.

This year has been heavy and burdensome for many. New Moon in Sagittarius is like opening a window in an old, stuffy and dusty office to draw your lugs full of fresh and invigorating air. There is something very cheery in this New Moon. It’s a bit rebel, bit frolicking and lots of fun. Not all will go as planned, some unexpected bumps may be on our way, but that’s where you get the good laughs, right? Uranus the Reformer is opposite with assertive Mars. This is extremely energetic combination, a bit chaotic, a bit volatile, but most of all it can bring freshness and spontaneity to any activity. It’s no use trying to control this lightning ball. More like, if you’re riding a wild horse, it’s better to go where the horse wants to go.

Uranus is poking New Moon the way that may be annoying but also doesn’t make drooping or becoming numb possible. This brings a restless vibe to this month and it’s very wise to listen your own frustration and irritation. When, where, doing what and with whom these feelings arise tell an unbribable tale about the things and situations that are not fit for you anymore. If they can’t grow with you, please don’t even think about shrinking yourself. And yes, this might be a relationship, work related thing as well as an old sequin dress. Don’t try to squeeze your magnificent self to anything that makes you feel you are too much. You are perfect just the way your are right now. It’s the sequin dress that has to go.

If your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough.


Main themes of the month: 

enthusiasm, inspiration,  new plans, change of direction, uppgrading to next level, widening the horizon, growth, abundance, joy, humour, travelling, wisdom, higher consciousness, new outlook, surprises, quick changes, sudden moves, impossible becomes possible, astoundment, spontanity, independence, freedom, future

Astrology of New Moon: 

Sun and Moon in Sagittarius conjunct Pallas Athene, quincunx Uranus, halfsquare Saturn and Pluto, trine Chiron, sextile Juno, Vesta opposition Merury, Chiron square Jupiter and Venus, Pluto conjunct Saturn, Neptune trine Mercury, Uranus opposition Mars, trine Venus and Jupiter, Saturn sextile Mercury, Ceres conjunct Jupiter and Venus, 2.12. Jupiter ingress Capricorn, 9.12. Mercury ingress Sagittarius, 12.12. Full Moon 20° Gemini, 13.12. Chiron Stations Direct, 20.12. Venus ingress Aquarius, 22.12. Sun ingress Capricorn, 26.12. New Moon and Annual Solar Eclipse 5° Capricorn