Wonderful Flow – New Moon in Pisces

Astrology | 23.2.2020 | Kirsi Halla-Seppälä

New Moon Forecast is an astrological report from 23.2. to 23.3.2020

New Moon in Pisces directs our energies towards creativity, intuition, dreams and inner world. Pisces is a sensitive and compassionate sign, most often seen as an empath, boundless, escapist and a chameleon, constantly changing their shape and colour. Pisces is like a soap, it can clean, it may drown you in foam, you can make rainbow coloured bubbles out of it and it is slippery and hard to have a grip on. Now it’s here, now it’s somewhere else and something different than it seemed to be just a minute ago.

Anyway this Piscean New Moon isn’t just bubble baths, daydreams and escaping one’s responsibilities. In fact quite the contrary. Sun and Moon have Mercury, the planet of the mind and thoughts, by their side and he is having his retrograde phase from 17.2. to 10.3. The winged messenger of the gods, who is normally considered as rational, detail oriented and logical, is now stealing the show and manipulating the quality of time as he pleases during this lunation cycle like the ringmaster he is.

Mercury is in a bit too murky waters in Pisces, as he is the planet of clear thinking and analytical mind and Pisces is a sign of illusions and fairytales. Retrograding in this impressionistic and mystic sign makes him shudder even more. Marveling the wonders of life, expeditions in inner realms or losing oneself in creative processes is far better now than trying to do something where quick and precise thinking is needed. There are many beliefs and prejudices about Mercury retrograde, and even though some of them are legitimate, clichés like misunderstandings, confusion, obscurity, cancellations, electronics breaking down or delays are not really what this time is all about.

Instead of posting Mercury retrograde memes or writing updates in social media about Mercury retrograde being the cause of everything that isn’t working out at the moment we could pause and think deeper. What is all of this telling me about my life? Where is life guiding me with all this that is happening right now? If you find yourself at the airport with ten extra hours to wait, try to figure out what possibilities this gives you? If you’ve just landed to Bali or Lapland and find out you don’t have a place to stay due to the miscommunication with the place that was supposed to take care of your accommodation, where is this guiding right now? What does life want to show you, teach you or encourage you with all of this?

Trust the timings in your life. If things don’t seem to work out during the Mercury retrograde (or any other time) the way you think they should or if schedules don’t actualise the way you think they should – is the life wrong and allowing you to shake your fist at this obnoxious injustice, or could it be that your minds outlook on how things should be was narrow-minded and superficial?

Your life will be so much easier and lighter and more wonderful than ever before, if in times like this you can be deeply rooted in trust that everything is happening exactly when it’s supposed to happen. When seen from a larger perspective, it’s always a much better option than the one your mind thought it to be.

In the chart of the New Moon reformer Uranus and active Mars are in brilliant contact with Sun, Moon and Mercury. There is a smooth and easy flow that pushes you gently forward and things can (even when Mercury is in retrograde) proceed with an excellent drive. You just need a few little things. 1) The things you are putting your energy has to be aligned with your heart. 2) You have to have so much faith that you are able to let things happen without trying to control everything. 3) You have to be ready to grow and receive all that expansion and upgrading your game has to offer.

During this lunation cycle (and the whole year) it is possible to experience the most wonderful flow and surf on the tides of energy with your hair flying. If you squeeze the steering wheel with your knuckle white or whine about how you never succeed and everything always goes poorly in your life, the universe will in all its endless loving and generosity give you exactly that what you concentrate on. Right now your own beliefs and programmings are manifesting more speedily than ever before. These inner codes are almost always completely unconscious, so you may ”know” that you believe something totally different and think that you have ”solved it already”, but life will show you the truth in the form of your experiences that what you believe you deserve. What you are getting now or not getting, what is happening now or not happening and what you are experiencing or not experiencing, but would want to experience – all this mirrors your inner world in an unbribable accuracy.

When you examine your outer world and experiences with gratefulness and interest, you can take a huge leap on the path of self-awareness and self-discovery. We have stepped into the time where the invisible is taking form with such rate that has never been seen before. It can make you feel as if you’re a great magician when miraculous occurrence, amazing timings and strokes of luck appear on your way. Or you may grudge and feel envious and empty, when it seems that everyone else is being lucky but you. Nevertheless, don’t worry. Life is not a competition and how you feel and what or where you are is just as it’s supposed to be at the moment.

Being honestly and without criticism exactly what you are, you can take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, words and actions. When you start seeing that the whole world is the reflection of your inner reality you can scrutinise it as if looking at the mirror. Directing your attention to what you don’t want and believing the cause to be outside of yourself you roll the wheel of unfortune without realising your power to change your own experiences. What you focus on that will multiply, and what you resist persists. Taking responsibility of your own life, your beliefs and attitudes, your life starts to change. It may need decisions and determination, but if there ever was a time when inner transformation was possible and its results magical, it is now. When your inner world is changed everything changes.

Main themes of the Month: 

creativity, faith, heart connection, inner guidance, being present, beliefs, manifesting, flow, awakening, acceptance, gratitude, inner change,conscious creating, right timing, syncrony, miraculous happenings, surrender, trust, intuition, dreams

Aspects of the New Moon: 

Sun and Moon conjunct Mercury, sextile Mars and Uranus. Chiron squareMars. Pluto square Venus, conjunct Jupiter and Saturn. Neptune conjunct Mercury and sextile Jupiter. Uranus sextile Mercury, trine Mars and square Saturn. Jupiter square Venus.

Pluto conjunct Saturn and Ceres. Neptune conjunct Venus and square Mars. Jupiter sextile Venus.

Astrology of the Lunar Cycle: 

23.2. New Moon 5° Pisces, Mercury Retrograde 17.2. – 10.3., 4.3. Mercury ingress Aquarius, 5.3. Venus ingress Taurus, 9.3. Full Moon 20° Virgo , 10.3. Mercury SD, 16.3. Mercury ingress Pisces, 20.3. Mars conjuct Jupiter, Sun ingress Aries, 22.3. Saturn ingress Aquarius, 23.3. Mars conjunct Pluto,  24.3. New Moon 5° Aries.

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