On the Other Side of Resistance Is the Reward

Katja Kokko | 29.1.2015


Here I’d been reading Kirsi’s astrological forecast, thinking I already knew what the new beginnings and ends in my life were going to be. But no, oh no – I couldn’t have been more wrong. Damned mercury retrograde surprised me again. Actually, I was right in the sense that the changes concerned the things I thought they would, but in a completely opposite way from what I had thought.

Bring it on, universe. There is nothing I can’t handle, and whatever you decide to put me through, I know there’s a lesson to be learned from it: the key to pure happiness, to things that I feel are right in my heart.

I’ve spent the week listening to piano music, breathing, and looking inward. I have the first part of a much requested series queued up for the weekend – January’s favorites, as well as a journey into the fascinating world of May Lindstrom.

In the meanwhile, I’ll just be sitting here quietly, locked up safe and sound inside these four walls.


Image Jennifer Kass

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