Genuine Beauty Guide – January Favorites

Beauty | 30.1.2015 | Katja Kokko


Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser: I’ve been using this cleanser for the whole month, and boy, am I crushing. This stuff cleans off even the worst raccoon eyes, and the gentle granules are small enough not to scrub the skin too harshly, leaving the skin silky soft instead. The mildly acidic pH balances the protective layer of the skin, while willow bark extract and pomegranate enzymes work to clean and minimize the pores, brighten the skin, and stimulate skin regeneration. The cleanser leaves the skin receptive to other care products. It can also be left to work on the skin for a few minutes before rinsing.

Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Mist: I went through this bottle fast, and I already miss it! I love everything about it: the scent, the hydration, the packaging, and the refreshing floral mist. Containing zero purified water and oodles of caring, moisturizing, brightening and smoothing active ingredients straight from Vermont, it’s definitely one of the best toners out there. Pure bliss!

Tata Harper Be Fierce: This nourishing lip balm goes everywhere with me. Be Fierce is the most moisturizing and nourishing of Tata’s lip balms, making it perfect for this dry time of year. And although I keep daubing my lips with the stuff, it’s not addictive like some balms are – it just doubles well as a gloss. There is not a single filler ingredient in this product – only conditioning herbal therapy in the world’s prettiest packaging.

Neal’s Yard Remedies Frankincense Intense Concentrate: I just ran out of this serum. Remember when I began trying out anti-age products? Neal’s Yard’s Frankincense Intense line does what it says. The consistency is among the best I’ve ever tried, and I’ve been using the concentrate both morning and evening. The amazing hydrating power alone is enough to smooth out the skin, but my skin texture has evened out in other ways as well. The deepest frown and laugh lines will always be there, of course, but the skin on the bottom half of my face is considerably firmer and smoother than before. Although I have tested others since I began my anti-age trials, the Frankincense Intense products have been in constant use, and I highly recommend them for anyone in need of a potent wrinkle smoother.

Neal’s Yard Remedies Frankincense Intense Creme: Possibly the first rich cream that I’ve ever fallen for. My skin is very prone to blockages, which is why I try to steer clear of rich moisturizers, as they often contain comedogenic thickeners. My favorite evening combination has thus been a thin fluid paired with an oil. Like the serum, the consistency of this crème is absolutely amazing. I am hell-bent on finding out the secret behind the silky and rich, yet light and non-oily consistency which allows the skin to breathe freely. I’ve been using it in the morning and evening, on top of the Frankincense Intense serum. Some nights, if the weather has been especially cold or windy, I’ve even added a bit of Wild Rose Beauty Balm. And as I’ve said, my skin has become smoother. The crème de la crème of anti-wrinkle creams!

Neal’s Yard Remedies Seaweed & Salt Body Scrub: The scent of this body scrub isn’t to everyone’s liking, but I love it. And so does my smooth butt and flake-free back. A great find, thanks to which even the skin of my body seems to be rapidly smoothing out. I’m never giving it up!

John Masters Organics Blood Orange & Vanilla Body Lotion: Oh boy. This gorgeously scented body lotion was bought from Naturisimo, and it’s got me hooked. I had had a small sample bottle of it before, but now I feel I won’t survive without it. The consistency is amazing, once again – I don’t know how they do it. One rub down with this stuff and my skin was soft as satin. The quickly absorbed consistency is not only very hydrating, but also full of nourishing oils. The most common mistake in winter skin care is only using oils on the body. It’s no wonder if your skin feels tight after thirty minutes, when you’ve skipped the hydration. So, people: use a moisturizer in the winter, with the oil as a bonus. The sweet blood orange and vanilla scent lingers on the skin when you wake up in the morning, and I’ve even had a few yoga students asking about what perfume I use.

Did you find any of your favorites on the list?


Photo Katja Kokko

Translation Katja Nikula


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