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Body & Mind | 12.9.2014 | Katja Kokko


1.. Foamroller: a must-have appliance for every yogi, fitness enthusiast, and sedentary worker. What an amazing magic roll. It gets rid of hamstring tightness as well as providing relief for the insufferable piriformis syndrome. Using the roller will aid after-workout recovery, opens the muscles, tissues and trigger points, as well as improving elasticity and relieving pain. I couldn’t live without it.

2. Moksa Organics Athlete’s Secret Muscle Rub: it’s a bit like tiger balm, except for being a cooling peppermint foam with the consistency of organic shea butter. I am hooked on it and don’t mind at all! It’s good for massaging sore muscles before and after working out. In the summer I used it on blue-eyes’ aching shoulder. Now I’m using it on mine.

3. Teeki: the best yoga pants in the world. The waist height is perfect, as are the long pant legs. The fabric has just enough friction for asanas that require supporting yourself against your legs. Doesn’t attract smells. The patterns are addicting and make me want to start collecting them. In fact, I already own enough yoga pants to last me a lifetime, and these new ones are a nice addition. (Proof that I do hoard clothes, after all.)

4. A yoga top from Pihasali: this yoga top designed by Meri Mort for Pihasali is my favorite. There’s also a sweatshirt with the same print. Not sure if they’re still available, but I would love to own about a dozen. The top requires a sports bra underneath it to give support; Wellicious does the best ones.

5. An ammonite fossil: this 40 to 70-million-year-old fossil symbolizes powerful and enduring love. The spiral form of the shell is a symbol for the continuum of life, and promotes the completion of things, the closing of the circle.

6. Ganesha: purchased in a birc-a-brac hippie store in Kamppi. Gansha symbolizes new beginnings, among other things. I think needed him in my new home. I talk to him every day, and tell him about my dreams of traveling to Asia.

Have a lovely weekend! I’m a bit down in the dumps myself, but peaceful, too.



Photos Katja Kokko

Moksa’s muscle rub received for testing from the importer

Translation Katja Nikula

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