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Beauty | 18.9.2014 | Katja Kokko


What are the chances of my waking up with a sore throat on the morning that I’m supposed to be out before the cock crows, doing press junkets and appearing on radio shows?

Thank heavens for naps between events with my four-legged nurse, and for essential oregano oil. It kicked in just as I was finished struggling through the day, of course. Still, the Rahua post that I mentioned on my Facebook page will have to wait until the weekend.

I had the honor of being invited to talk about natural cosmetics with Minttu Vesala on one of our best radio shows (yup, Fashion Show is one of the few radio programs I listen to). How great is it that natural cosmetics has become a big enough deal to be discussed on a show like Minttu’s? It’s totally HOT!

The appearance left me feeling really good. There’s something about radio, for me – once I’m on air, I could talk and talk for hours. I had a few nervous stumbles over words at first, and I thought of a hundred things afterwards, that I wished I had said. But hey, I’ll save them for the blog instead! I wasn’t nervous at all when I appeared on Yle Puhe earlier in the summer, but Minttu is so laid back and has such a good vibe that I was nervous that I would get nervous!

Long story short, it was lovely talking to someone so up-to-date with the current trends, who always asks interesting questions, and gets the point. I LOVE RADIO, and I wouldn’t mind doing more of it. You can find the podcast here and (as a teaser) let it be known that a secret is made public for the first time right at the start of the show.

Please make sure to join Radio Helsingin Ystävänklubi (Radio Helsinki’s Friend’s Club), if you haven’t already – your contribution may ensure the continued presence of Radio Helsinki on our airwaves. I make a donation of five euros a month to the channel. You can also show your support by purchasing a stylish Radio Helsinki x Pelago Ystävä Fillar bicycle.

Photo from Minttu Vesala’s Instagram @superminttu

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