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My Life as A Lab Experiment

Body & Mind | 7.8.2014 | Katja Kokko


I’m sure I’m not the only one who has gone through some life-changing uphevals this year. The biggest change for myself has been leaving behind a company which I had so ardently helped to build, and pursuing my own path instead.

Making big, life-changing decisions is by no means easy – to begin with, it is anything but. Uncomfortable, painful, sad, and frightening. Having gone through it, though, I can say that the greatest challenge is making the actual decision. Once the bubble has burst, a rush of energy is released. One glides effortlessly through the following steps, and things that seemed difficult before are seen in an entirely new light. With the immense sense of pressure of making a decision removed, it is easier to approach things from a place of peace and calm.


They say that miracles happen as a result of such explosions. I feel safe in saying that, for me, this is true. Things both big and small have begun happening to me, one after the other. I might go into more detail about them, later on.

I’m not saying that, having made these great decisions, life is now a bed of roses. I still have to prioritize listening to my body, and to make sure I don’t overexert myself. Another thing that I am learning is to trust. (By that I mean trusting myself and trusting the invisible.)


I have the perfect opportunity to conduct an experiment with my own life. To test whether the laws of the universe that self-help books talk about actually work in practice. I strongly believe that they do, because vibrational energy can be scientifically explained. Above all, I find being part of an empirical study, the most interesting part; no need to read books about people who have gone from rags to riches as the creator of the world’s most famous beauty emporium, about lottery wins, or other upheavals.

There is only one rule to this study: to live each day as my heart tells me to. It might mean doing things out of truth and love, rather than money. Listening to my body and resting when it tells me to. Expressing my needs and feelings to the people closest to me. Standing by my own truths. Joy and a sense of humor.

I am also setting a deadline for the experiment – let’s say a year from now.

And since I’m conducting an experiment, I must of course have something to report, and which to monitor. This will be the actualization of my dreams.

My hypothesis is that there is a vast and reliable force in life, which responds to my vibrational energy by replicating it exactly; in other words, my thoughts create my reality. The things I dream about cannot come into my life unless my thoughts and my energy vibrations are aligned with my true self, and with love.

Hey-ho, and let’s go!

Inspiration for shorter lab experiments can be found in Pam Grout’s gently humorous book, E2.


Photos Katja Kokko

Translation Katja Nikula

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