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7 Day Simplifying Detox

Body & Mind | 19.1.2016 | Katja Kokko


While spending my holidays looking pretty much like I ate a football I got an idea of a detox. I´d start my new year with this to erase the stuffy feeling left by all the parties of the old year.

As always, the idea took flight and soon it was all pots and pans in my kitchen with me cooking and Kirsikka taking the photos. Mariko translated all 23 recipes into English for the delight of all my international readers and the graphic designer  Enni from Musla blog made a downloadable pdf booklet so we could spread the joy with all of you guys.

This is not a heavy detox per say, but more of a suggestion on how to lighten and clean up your diet and mind with delicious soothing food.The detox is designed for seven days including recipes for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner for each day. I designed all the recipes from the view point of my own needs: delicious food that is easy and quick to prepare, with meals that leave me feeling light but satisfied. All recipes are free of meat, dairy and gluten, but eggs and fish will be on the plate. While designing the detox I thought of ingredients that could be used in several meals just to make the shopping a little bit easier and to minimise any unnecessary waste.

Oh, the recipes are for a single lifestyle! (Haha, for once this way. I told you I designed the detox from my view point.)

Some of these recipes are my own handwriting and a couple of them are my all time favorites that I have varied to my own taste, like for example the Cauliflower Salad is from one of the most popular Finnish cookbooks “Safkaa”. The recipes for the Beets, Apple and Fennel Soup and the Quinoa, Rocket and Porcini are from Gwyneth Paltrows “It´s All Good”. The recipe for the Coconut Yogurt is from Hannamari Rahkonen´s e-book The ABC of Raw Baking (in Finnish).


I hope these recipes bring you joy and great energy too! I loved doing this project and it was such great change in pace from my usual work. Projects done together always end up giving more than working solo! So thank you Kirsikka for getting excited about this project with me and to Mariko for the translations and to Enni for the beautiful layout!

Download the 7 Day Simplifying Detox for your self here: 7DaySimplifyingDetoxEnglish

Happy cooking my friends!


Photos Kirsikka Simberg

Translation Mariko Pajalahti

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