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New Moon Forecast November 11th – December 10th

Body & Mind | 11.11.2015 | Kirsi Halla-Seppälä

The second to last New Moon of the year is born in the sign of an intensive and secretive Scorpio. There is a quite rare pattern called the Finger of God or YOD present at the time of the New Moon, and the finger is pointing at Uranus, the symbol of change, renewal, freedom and rebellion. This is the time to recognise the cause for dis-ease and use that vague, gnawing and frustrating feeling as a compass towards greater revelations, awareness and the knowledge they bring. Free yourself, make individualised choices and reform your life the way that gives you enough independence, space and possibility to walk uncompromisingly your own path. 

The energy of time is now built on a pattern that supports growth and expanding, since Jupiter, “the Great Benefice”, is in a benevolent and encouraging aspect with New Moon’s Sun and Moon. It’s possible to establish or develop something inspiring and successful, and it happens by being aware of the defects and taking a leap on the other side of the comfort zone. This can be related to something concrete and material, or be manifested purely on the spiritual side of life, such as expanding consciousness and increasing awareness. Either way, the horizon will broaden and your perspectives may gain new dimensions.

Mars is still a little while in Virgo in conjunction with Moon’s North Node, emphasizing the meaning of your own goals, confidence and assertiveness. “Create your own destiny” is a good motto for this time, and everything you do in order to clarify, detail or cultivate your plans or means to fulfill them are highly favourable.


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When we get closer to the Full Moon (26.11.), the double act Neptune and Saturn are tightening their strained relation and evoking certain important themes especially in the lives of Sagittarians, Geminis, Pisceans and Virgos, who are born right at the end of the month.

Neptune symbolises fantasy, idealism, sensitivity and escapism, when Saturn as it’s opposite represents concreteness, structures, responsibility, realism (or pessimism) and a sense of duty. We should get these two counterforces to work together in harmony, supporting each others, to make dreams come true, making practical decisions or building helpful routines that can make life flow much easier and brighter.

Which one do you need to strengthen in your life right now, firm sense of responsibility, strict rules and straight limits or more allowing attitude, softness, fairytales and pink candy floss?

Central themes: Sense of direction, focus, independence, own strength, expanding consciousness, new horizons, accepting the pain, turning frustration into an asset and using gnawing emotions as a compass, combining idealism and rationality, balance between duties and dreams.

Astrological codes: Mars conjunct Moon’s North Node, Mars ingress Libra, Neptune SD, Mercury ingress Sagittarius, Venus square Pluto, Sun ingress Sagittarius, Mars quincunx Neptune, Venus opposition Uranus, Uranus semi-sextile Chiron, Saturn square Neptune, Chiron Sd, Venus ingress Scorpio, Mars square Pluto, Mercury ingress Capricorn, (Mars opposite Uranus).

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Kirsi Halla-Seppälä – solution focused therapist, astrologer, self-awareness teacher

For the past twenty years, Kirsi has worked as an astrologer; she has written, taught, and lectured on self-awareness and art of living. She is also a long time member and a previous president of Professional Astrologers in Finland. In addition to lecturing and teaching, Kirsi also works with clients as a psychic astrologer and therapist – she is currently studying psychotherapy at the University of the West of England and the Helsinki Psychotherapy Institute.

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