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New Moon Forecast Feb 19th – March 19th

Body & Mind | 19.2.2015 | Katja Kokko

2015 uusikuu vesimies II khs ©kirsihallaseppala

January’s new moon was in Aquarius and , believe it or not, the year’s second new moon (February 19th) is also in Aquarius – as if to emphasize the independent, mutinous, yet friendly nature of the zodiac. Although the new moon is born in the same sign as last month, the themes of this period are different; Aquarius, always ahead of its time, seeking change and the newest trends, new points of view and ways of doing things, is certainly not one for repetition. The four week long Mercury retrograde, which is now over (also in Aquarius), gave us a chance to reflect on the choices we have made in our lives in a challenging and critical way. The misunderstandings, cancellations, and disrepair connected with Mercury retrograde are behind us for the time being, although we’ll only be properly shot of this theme next month (March 3rd).


The energies of the moon cycle will activate relationship questions and/or creativity. From the dreamy and passive Pisces, the main couple – Mars and Venus – will be moving into the dynamic and initiative Aries at the very start of the period (February 20th). This reflects the climate change in life energies as the fiery, excited, and somewhat self-involved and carefree Aries ushers in the spring, awakening primal instincts and creative powers, and demanding instant attention. This can entail a sense of freedom, and elation over things finally progressing. The downside includes rash and abrupt solutions brought on by festering frustration and an almost obsessive need to take charge and set things in motion, without consulting others.


This moon cycle the bad boys of astrology, Uranus and Pluto, will finally be clashing horns after playing cat and mouse for the past few years. Markers of transformation and the dismantling of ineffective structures, this cosmic renovating team will most impact those whose birth charts include significant factors in the middle of Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, or Libra (approximately 15° on the tropical zodiac. These people have transformation process spanning several years ahead of them, and its objective is to dismantle old ways of operating and old systems of value; to let go of anything that is no longer meaningful, and does not support creativity, happiness, and growth. Naturally, this is also a collective phenomenon, whose influence can be witnessed in wider scope in world events.

Central themes: Straight to business. Excitement. DIY- thinking. Independence, taking initiative, passion. Creative passion. Love. Taking charge. Transformation. Head-on mentality.

Astrological codes: Sun ingress Pisces; Mars ingress Aries; Venus ingress Aries; Mars trine Saturn; Jupiter quincunx Pluto; Jupiter trine Uranus; Mars trine Jupiter; Mars conjunction Uranus; Mars square Pluto; Saturn Direct Motion (March 14th); Uranus square Pluto, Venus ingress Taurus.

khs ©kirsihallaseppala

Kirsi Halla-Seppälä – solution focused therapist, astrologer, self-awareness teacher

For the past twenty years, Kirsi has worked as an astrologer; she has written, taught, and lectured on self-awareness and art of living. She is also a long time member and a previous president of Professional Astrologers in Finland. In addition to lecturing and teaching, Kirsi also works with clients as a psychic astrologer and therapist – she is currently studying psychotherapy at the University of the West of England and the Helsinki Psychotherapy Institute. &

Second and third pictures Heidi Hietanen

Translation Katja Nikula

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