Warrior Cat

Lifestyle | 22.10.2014 | Katja Kokko


My penthouse flat in Punavuori was turned into a nursing home last week, when the resident feline suffered a sudden complication after a dentist’s appointment. He was rushed back to the vet, hooked up to an IV and placed in an incubator, and remained in a fairly critical condition for the next twenty-four hours.

When it comes to Romppu’s medical care, I’ve learned to trust my own intuition as well as the cat himself. This experience only reinforced that trust. I allow the vet to handle checkups and blood tests, but when it comes to his medication and diet, I turn to alternative veterinary medicine and homeopathy.


I doubt he would still be with us if I hadn’t had access to a knowledgeable and holistic homeopath, for whose competence I am eternally grateful. This isn’t the first time homeopathy has come to Rompelo’s rescue when bad diagnoses – based on a single symptom – and synthetic drugs have only worsened (or even caused) his condition.

I feel privileged that this beloved creature had the strength to pull through and stay with me. Our homeopath believes that animals are here to teach us, and when they have accomplished their mission, they leave us. I clearly still have a lot to learn from Romppu.

Watching him curled and snoring up on the Balmuir mohair coverlet (which he has appropriated), my heart was filled to bursting with love.

Have you used homeopathy to care for your pets?

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Photos Katja Kokko

Translation Katja Nikula

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