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Lifestyle | 31.3.2015 | Katja Kokko


Some of you might remember me saying in January that I had hired an intern for the spring. A lot has been going on behind the scenes since then – namely each and every article, as well as other material on the site, being translated into English, and the work finally coming to an end.

From now on, you can select English or Finnish as your language on the front page; if you’re outside of Finland, the site should automatically direct you to the English site. All future posts will be appearing in both languages, the English ones with a small delay due to the translation process.

I could never have found the time, nor do I have the necessary skill, to translate this all. I wanted the best possible quality, while still allowing you to hear my voice in the translation. A translator was thus my only option.


It’s strange how the universe hands us the things our heart truly wants. The first applicant felt right just on the basis of an email, and our first meeting confirmed what my intuition had already told me. My translator and namesake Katja Nikula is an English major at the Department of Modern languages at the University of Helsinki, graduating as a Master of Arts as soon as she has completed her internship. This full-time internship ends on April 19th, after which she will continue working for me as a freelance translator, but Katja is also accepting other job offers. You can contact her at katja.nikula(at)

Working with Katja has been smooth sailing. She is both confident and independent, producing high-quality work, and I would warmly recommend her translation services.

For me the, English version of the blog is a great leap forwards, and I have no idea where it will lead, if anywhere. However, I noticed last fall that I was getting a lot of international followers on my Instagram: well-known online stores, official accounts of natural cosmetics brands, and famous bloggers. I realized that by only writing in Finnish, I was severely limiting the – fairly extensive – dreams I have for this blog.

I am so excited to get share all of this in two languages from now on – let’s hope it will lead to new adventures!

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Translation Katja Nikula

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