The World’s Most Beautiful Wall Calendar

Lifestyle | 2.2.2015 | Katja Kokko


The best thing about using flowers in a photo shoot is getting to mix-and-match them in a vase afterwards. I have at least one vaseful of cut flowers at home right now. Plants don’t really seem to flourish under my care – cut flowers work better for me, and they’re more versatile. Most flowers wither quite beautifully, and I usually let my bouquets dry up to be reused in another photo shoot.


This bunch is the nicest one I’ve had in a long while, and the fresh whiff of spring that it brought into my home inspired me to start decorating the place again.

My home feels somehow temporary at the moment, and I’ve been unwilling to rush the décor, much less invest a lot of money into it. I have a few photographs in the sideboard drawer, waiting to be framed and mounted, and that will probably be my next project. I had to start by hanging up the loveliest calendar in the world, however.



I’ve been in love with Kirsikka’s eye for aesthetics, and her talent for handcrafts ever since she began writing her Musla blog. For the past three years, and to the delight of her readers, Kirsikka and her lovely husband Tuukka (whose sense for aesthetics I also admire) have been making wall calendars that can be downloaded from Musla, and printed. This year’s calendar is my favorite so far, and the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen. If I had Kirsikka’s talent for painting, I would be an artist.


I downloaded the pages, and had them enlarged and printed out on off-white paper at Multiprint. I will hang each month’s calendar on the wall using washi tape bought from Papershop, with the cover page hanging from a clip beside it. I wish I could keep January up for a bit longer; the bird is gorgeous.


Fashion bloggers are always giving tours of their workspaces. Here’s the workspace of a beauty blogger; permanently migrated to the kitchen, apparently, as the writing desk in the bedroom is full to bursting with ingredients packages from Aroma Zone, in the midst of which I find it a bit difficult to work. Besides, the sun often shines through my kitchen windows with an eye-watering intensity. Though, at the moment, I’m sitting and waiting, and staring wistfully at the greyness outside.

Start your week by printing yourself a wall calendar, buying flowers, and stalking the sun!


Photos Katja Kokko

Translation Katja Nikula

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