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Get ready for the cutest and softest sock revelation.

Sofinah – specializing in responsibly manufactured small brands, and situated on the street on which I live – is hands-down my favorite clothing store in Helsinki. This is not your run-of-the mill eco-wear boutique, but the most interesting fashion store in the city.

Sofinah’s owners, Annika and Thia, choose their brands carefully, always researching the ethics behind each stage of production. Several interesting brands are refused or even dropped later on if the company makes questionable changes to its production process. Regrettably, many companies end up making changes for the worse for economic reasons.

The Danish company Aiayu is one of Sofinah’s best brands, effortlessly combining design, ethics, and ecology. The brand is a two-time winner of the Ethical prize at the Danish Fashion Awards; its production process is 100% transparent.

Aiayu’s collection includes, amongst others, a variety of gorgeous alpaca products, including the most beautiful sweaters and dresses. And socks. Magical socks.

These socks are divine. They are available in grey, sand, and wine red; in ankle-length or knee-high. The material is 42% baby alpaca, 40% nylon, 14% silk, and 4% Lycra. They feel amazing on the feet, and are also very durable – if you treat them nicely.

Thia and Annika have instructed me countless times on how to properly care for my clothes, but these socks still keep ending up in the spin-cycle with the rest of my laundry.

I went and got a new pair of these softies yesterday, and promise I won’t let them turn into felt slippers this time.

I can’t wait for the spring, so I can wear my sand colored socks with a pair of cargo pants and sandals. It’ll be sweet!

DSC_0276 Socks Aiayu, Sofinah

Photos Katja Kokko

Translation Katja Nikula

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