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Lifestyle | 26.2.2015 | Katja Kokko


I love Garance Doré. Who wouldn’t? Her website is to die for. My secret (until now) and humble dream is to create a website that is at least nearly as beautiful and wonderful as hers, focused on natural skin care, wellness, and other lovely things. Time will tell, I suppose, whether that dream is meant to come true.

Back to Garance. She is known for her lovely posters, cards, notebooks, calendars, and basically anything you might want to have in your home office. One afternoon back in January, I went o and ordered a weekly desk pad, two beautiful notebooks adorned with beauty-related drawings to use for my DIY recipes, as well as an iPhone case from her online store.


The next day, I stopped by Proloque next door for the first time, and what should I see standing on the counter, but the very products I had just ordered from Garance’s website across the pond? Instead of instant and joyous gratification, I was left waiting for weeks for my package to arrive. On the upside, it gave me this chance to tell you about the best gift shop in Helsinki – a task I am more than happy to do.

I’ve been visiting Proloque several times a week since first stopping by, and a lot of the props you’ll be seeing (and have seen) in the photos on the blog are from that very shop. Proloque’s owners are wonderful, too, and often make those visits the highlight of my day.

Some of Garance’s posters have just become available at Proloque, and one of them is definitely going up on my wall – I just need to decide which one. Proloque also has an online store, although its selection is smaller than that of the shop on Uudenmaankatu. Click click, love love!


Photos Katja Kokko

Translation Katja Nikula

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