A Letter to The Universe

Lifestyle | 9.4.2015 | Katja Kokko


Dear Universe,

The thing is, he (pictured) and I are looking for a new home. Our apartment has sustained water damage, thus proving my intuition about the temporariness of our current flat to be true.

We are now ready to settle down and build our dream home. I will finally buy that long-coveted bed cover from Proloque and hang up the photo I was given for my birthday last summer. All my glass bottles from May Lindstrom and Tata Harper will be arranged in a lovely and neat line in the bathroom of my new home. I’ve also got my heart set on a proper working area: no more having my office spread out on the kitchen table, which is meant for eating and socializing, only.

I would like the new home to be wide, spacious, and full of light. The sun’s rays should linger there all day. I love beautiful floors, and the loveliest ones are usually white-washed planks. The higher the ceiling, the better. And I would also like a tiled stove – something I’ve always dreamed about having. I love cooking, sitting in the kitchen, and dinners with friends, so the kitchen should be spacious. The bathroom should have enough space for a washing machine – that’s non-negotiable, but I have gotten used to doing without a dish washer – though I wouldn’t say no to the luxury of having one.

We need about forty square meters of space in our home, which I would prefer to be located in Ullanlinna, Punavuori, or Eira. Viiskulma or the area around Korkeavuorenkatu would be especially nice.

The most important thing is light, and a good atmosphere.

Such are my wishes. His wishes include wide windowsills and park-views.

Thank you, and please send your reply to katja(at)




Photos Katja Kokko

Translation Katja Nikula