Zuii Makeup Tutorial 1/3: Soft Mint Cat Eye

Beauty | 10.4.2015 | Katja Kokko


This post is a collaboration with Zuii

Time to reveal the products used for Zuii’s spring makeup looks and the tutorials for creating them at home. First up are soft mint cat eyes.

Some of you were worried that this slightly more graphic cat eyed look might prove too challenging. Let me put those worries to rest: these are the easiest cat eyes, ever. I’m personally not a fan of liquid liners, especially not when I’m going for a perfect diagonal winged liner look. Something like that requires a steady hand and good mapping-skills, as well as a good knowledge of how to combine it with shadows. Nor does winged liner work with every eye shape; even my best makeup-artist friend finds my eyes challenging in that regard. Perfect cat eyes are not for beginners, in other words.


These cat eyes, however, are really easy to create, and do not require an especially steady hand, or perfect drawing skills. One might even call them slapdash. As long as they are more or less symmetrical, it’s enough. If you want, you can also skip the wings and just line the upper lash line.

And now for the big reveal: the mint green color is Kitten from the Spirit eye shadow palette, with a dash of Jade swept over it. A touch of Chestnut was applied above the mint green, and Mustard on the brow bone.


On the cheeks we have Zuii’s blush in the shade Mango, with some Mango Diamond Sparkle blush to add a bit of glow. The eyebrows were shaped with a brow pencil in the shade Coco; on the lashes we used the Volume mascara. Clay mixed with a Sheer Stick in the color Mish was used for the lips.

Fair and Latte concealer pencils were used to cover the under eyes and to prime the lid; the foundation is in the shade Olive Light, under which I applied Zuii’s Foundation Primer and a Color Corrective Primer in the shade Mint.


How to create the look:

  • Start by applying the Foundation Primer, and the Color Corrective in Mint to neutralize any redness.
  • Using your fingers or a makeup brush, apply the Olive Light foundation onto the face and eyelids. Set the makeup with loose powder, but leave the eye lids un-powdered.
  • Use the concealer pencils in Fair and Latte to cover dark under eyes, and to even out the color of the eye lid. Mix the colors on a palette or the back of your hand.
  • Using an eye shadow brush, press the mint green color from the Spirit palette firmly onto the upper lid, fading up towards the crease. Finish off by sweeping the color diagonally up over the outer corner of the lid – I recommend using a flat, natural brush. Swipe a bit of the darker green shadow in Jade over the mint green you have just applied.



Hands up everyone that was inspired by these easy and soft cat eyes, or the colors used! Will you be trying this at home?


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Model Amelie/Fondi

Jewelry Giuseppe Zanotti/Boutique Kaarina K.

Photos Mikko Rasila

Translation Katja Nikula

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