Summer & Ripped Jeans, I Miss You

Lifestyle | 8.1.2015 | Katja Kokko


I’ve been browsing through my picture folders, lately, spurred on by my computer’s constant warnings of lack of disc space (the cobbler’s children are the worst shod, and the blogger has no external hard-drive…).

I ended up gazing at these lovely pictures from last summer, almost feeling the humid air and the soft sea breeze on my skin. Summer, how I long for you! Thankfully, with Christmas behind us, we’re now on the homerun.

On that (by Finnish standards) hot day, even those threadbare jeans were too much – it was at least 27°C outside, if I remember correctly. But my friend wanted to photograph me and the jeans had to be featured.


I don’t own a single pair of whole denim colored jeans right now, and I think I’ll have to leave these to hibernate until May at least. Maybe April, if we’re lucky. I’m dreaming of a new pair of good old Levis 501’s. I’m not even sure how I would go about finding a pair. I think I’ll pop by Fida and have a look.

And since everyone is always asking where I got them from (the only item of clothing I own that always gets asked about) – they were bought as a bargain from the Parisian brand Sandro. They were never whole to begin with, of course, but the holes have widened just a bit with the years – a soft sleeveless top and ripped jeans have been my go-to outfits for many-a-summer now, regardless of temperature, a pair of heels upgrading the look from beach bum to something a bit more chic.

Even the hair looks wonderfully fresh compared to my current asymmetric sweep. Or maybe it’s the tan and freckles? Either way – summer clothes and summer skin, please come soon!


Top by Vince, jeans by Sandro, shoes by Reiss, clutch by Comme des Garcons