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Beauty | 9.1.2015 | Katja Kokko


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You know that mystery post I mentioned? The title is your hint.

Ella, the first person to comment on that post, got it in one: the newest arrival to the Finnish natural cosmetics scene is, of course, the American Tata Harper. Cue the fanfare, applause, huzzahs, shouts of joy and madness!

Tata Harper is one of those love-at-first-sight brands for me. I’m not a fan of moss green packaging when it comes to natural cosmetics, but Tata green draws me like bees to honey. The range is perfect down to its very last detail.


The bright green glass bottles, golden caps, and bright yellow logo are somehow mesmerizing. Tata’s brand is completely natural, ecological and transparent, but also stylish, timeless, and effective –sophisticated– all at once. To quote her slogan, Tata is not just a brand.

I will be introducing you to Tata Harper’s ideology and background, as well as the genius behind the brand, in a comprehensive three-part series, followed later by an interview with Tata herself. For an insta-fix, you can go on and have a virtual browse through the products, right away.

Delving into the brand’s background and watching videos of Tata brought tears to my eyes and gave me goose-bumps down my entire body. She is my idol. Where May Lindstrom is a cosmetic gastronomist and magician, and Isabelle from Absolution is a woman with cojones, Tata can only be described as pure genius.


Ingredients and Manufacturing

Tata Harper is 100% natural. There is not a single synthetic ingredient in the brand’s products, and most ingredients are organically grown. The mind-blowing amount of active ingredients is reflected in potency of the products. The newest of new technology is used in the manufacturing process, which also ensures a high-tech consistency. Most of the products are vegan and, unlike most American brands, Tata Harper is Ecocert-certified. Recycled paper and environmentally friendly ink is used for the packaging. But here is the best part: all products are made in the company’s own laboratory in Vermont, where Tata herself lives. A majority of the herbal and flower ingredients are organically farmed at the company’s own farm, meaning that the final ingredients are also independently produced.

Controlling the different stages of production by not outsourcing them is very important for Tata, as it not only guarantees high-quality ingredients, but is also ecological and ethical. Doing it yourself seems to be at the heart and soul of Tata Harper.

A Look inside Tata Harper’s Product Manufacturing from Tata Harper on Vimeo.

The brand’s website is amazing and I could spend hours just trawling through it. The site has a product-tracing feature, which allows you to check when a certain product has been manufactured. There is also a thorough introduction to the manufacturing process, as well as to the people in charge of it. Everything is designed to be as transparent as possible, and I love it – I love the wealth of information, including the brand’s pricing philosophy.


People all over the world love Tata’s products. Several Hollywood stars use them (which really does make a massive difference to a brand’s image), they have been featured on the pages of dozens of women’s magazines, and won several awards. This neither a miracle nor a coincidence, but the result of passion, love, and carefully executed plans. What makes Tata extra lovely is that, despite her considerable workload, she will also visit the brand’s retailers and meet with ordinary customers.

In the video below, Tata talks about the brand and her philosophy of skin care. This is one inspiring woman, and I highly recommend watching the other videos, as well.

In the next part, we will take a closer look at the products. Are you ready?

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Photos Katja Kokko

Translation Katja Nikula

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