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Let’s continue our welcoming series for Tata Harper. This time we will look at two of the brand’s cleansers, a toner, a brightening mask, as well as some lip products. Some of Tata’s products are missing from Naturelle’s selection, but not to worry, the best-sellers are all there. I am hoping the full range will be made available at some point, as many of the products seem both interesting and very effective.

Tata loves giving and sharing beauty with, and to, women. She is a Columbian-born Latina, after all, and women from her culture are known for putting a lot of time and effort into their beauty. I’m not sure I have any Latina in me, but I sympathize with Tata’s mission from the very bottom of my heart.

Tata’s videos are hugely inspiring to me, which is why I have to share a few more with you. In the video below, Tata talks about what beauty means to her, personally. I concur.

But now, onto the products. Naturelle carries two of Tata’s cleansers: The Regenerating Cleanser, and the Refreshing Cleanser.

As I’ve mentioned, I finally graduated to non-foaming cleansers, aka cleansing creams and balms this fall. Natural foaming cleansers use very gentle surfactants that remove surface tension from the product, creating foam and cleaning off makeup and dirt. But although the surfactants in natural cosmetics are gentler than those in synthetic ones, and made from natural ingredients, they are still chemically processed. Harsh detergents are bad for the skin, and it is important to consider your skin type when purchasing these products; most cosmetics users are hooked on that foam consistency and squeaky clean feeling, but I would recommend seeing how your skin reacts when you cut out the foam, and the squeaky-skin-feeling, which is a sign that you’ve essentially just washed away the protective layer of your skin.

We get to decide which ingredients we want in our products, and which ones we don’t. I’m not super strict about any of this, but from now on, I intend to keep my cupboards stocked with products that are kind to the hydrolipidic film. Besides adequate hydration, beautiful skin also requires a balanced hydrolipidic film with a pH level of approximately 5.5 – that is to say acidic – and this film should not be purposefully unbalanced with harsh detergents.


Despite their cream consistency, Tata’s cleansers are more effective than the traditional cleansing milks. These creams are very kind to the protective layer of the skin, while still containing mild exfoliates and cleansing enzymes. I really love the idea of cleanser that, instead of strong alkaline ingredients that scrub at the skin, uses mild acidic ingredients instead. Tata’s cleanser can be left to work on the skin for a few minutes before rinsing, allowing the enzymes to do their job more effectively.

The Regenerating Cleanser is my personal favorite. It contains minuscule apricot kernel particles that exfoliate the skin mechanically, but very gently. It is not a traditional mechanical peel, but meant for daily use; I even use it to remove my eye makeup.

The cleanser contains one of my favorites, willow bark extract, which contains salicylic acid that brightens the skin and minimizes pores. Pomegranate enzymes clear blackheads and contract the pores, as does detoxing red clay, which also boosts microcirculation.

This regenerating cream has a wonderfully zingy grape fruit and neroli scent. The consistency is light and creamy; its cleansing power is excellent, but it does not damage the protective layer or leave the skin feeling tight. It is suitable for all skin types apart from thin or sensitive skin. 82% of the ingredients are organically grown.


The Refreshing Cleanser is suitable for all skin types, but especially designed for sensitive skin. If you have thin skin with rosacea, eczema or psoriasis, this is the cleanser for you.

This mineral rich cleanser will clean off makeup, without drying out the skin. It contains no surface tension lowering detergents whatsoever, and is therefore extra gentle to the protective layer of the skin.

The washing ingredients in this refreshing cleanser are enzymes, clay, and essential oils. It contains the same potent active ingredients as the Regenerating cleanser, including pomegranate enzymes, red clay, and willow bark extact, as well as brightening grape fruit extract and bergamot. 84% of the ingredients are organically grown.


And now, for my favorite: the mist toner. Swoon. I love this product! The Hydrating Floral Essence is Tata Harper’s only toner, and it’s the only one it needs. I am sold.

This toner for all skin types is Tata’s most popular product. One of its most important hydrating ingredients is hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in the dermis, binding moisture to the skin and keeping it supple. The skin’s reserve of hyaluronic acid depletes as we age, which is why it is added to cosmetics. Gotu kola extract is an effective anti-age ingredient, which firms the skin and supports microcirculation. Aloe vera juice, damask rose water, lavender water, and witch hazel water provide hydration, as well as brightening the skin and minimizing pores. The toner also contains mildly exfoliating willow bark extract, as well as beetroot extract with brightening antioxidants. No purified water is used in this product, 94% of whose ingredients are organically grown.

You can spritz yourself with the stuff whenever you please: before cleansing, before peeling or masks, before serums or oils, or at work to freshen up. The scent is fresh, floral, and just a touch zesty.


Floral Essence is without a doubt Tata’s most beloved product, but I have a feeling the Resurfacing Mask will be this year’s hit. It is beyond perfect. The consistency of this brightening mask is somewhere between Jello and a gel, and contains tons of willow bark to exfoliate and brighten the skin, and minimize the pores. There are no fruit acids in the product, however, and it is therefore very gentle – a perfect brightening treatment for sensitive skins! The cherry on top of this jello cake is that the jelly dries into a firming and impurity-extracting film, without drying out the skin. 82% of the ingredients are organically grown.

The mask is an instant glow, suitable-for-all-skins type of Cinderella product. A good thing to have lying around in your cupboard for spur-of-the-moment parties, or to brighten up and prevent dull looking skin. Definite Beauty Guide material!


Finally, let’s take a look at Tata’s lip balms, which are packed with all kinds of active ingredients, and which have made their way into my wallet, onto my bedside table and my little office corner. The tinted Be Adored balm is my favorite. Dozens of beauty bloggers and vloggers from all over the world have sung its praises, and with the lovely light and feminine shade it gives the lips, I can see why.

Among the hydrating –and therefore plumping– ingredients are goodies like green tea seed oil, cacao butter, apricot kernel oil, avocado oil, acai oil, date extract, lavender extract, meadowsweet extract, as well as alfalfa, marigold, and chamomile extract. 84% of the ingredients are organically grown. Herbal therapy for the lips!

Be True is a sheer version of Be Adored, while Be Fierce is a deep-hydrating and repairing lip treatment for those super rough and chapped lips.

The complete lack of fillers in these lip balms means that they are entirely made of caring and nourishing ingredients. Truly adorable!

Lastly, another video, this time delving into the brand’s background. Next time we’ll be looking at serums and moisturizers, but for now, let me know which of today’s products sparked your interest.

Tata Harper….the beginning from Tata Harper on Vimeo.

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