Samuji Koti

Katja Kokko | 23.11.2014


Samu-Jussi Koski has done it again – made this girl’s heart beat faster. Koski’s empire has been expanded this week with the launching of the first Samuji home collection (Koti), as well as the opening of a store in Galleria Esplanad on Mikonkatu.

I managed to pop by the lovely shop today, during a lull. The store is both stripped down and simple, and yet full of charming details to make you smile and levitate just a bit. Light and oh so beautiful.

To celebrate my first visit, I treated myself to an early Christmas present: a lovely pair of long, off-white socks. I also added these glass watering bulbs, a pipe candle holder, and Santa candles by Havi onto my Chistmas list.

I’m purring with delight over here. How about you?

Edit: the socks are the best sleeping socks ever. It’s like having your legs wrapped in cotton wool. €20 a pair.

DSC_0589-2 Photos Katja Kokko

Translation Katja Nikula

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