The New Year’s List

Lifestyle | 4.1.2015 | Katja Kokko

I wasn’t going to make New Year’s resolutions this year, but after reading Stella’s agenda for 2015, my head was suddenly filled with things that needed to be written down.

  1. I only work on projects that feel right and good in my heart.
  2. I will prioritize my mental and physical well-being, regardless of what I am doing.
  3. I will get a high-quality camera, so I can stop grumbling about the image quality.
  4. I will learn to use Photoshop.
  5. I will do more watercolor painting.
  6. I will travel to America.
  7. I will be a better godmother.
  8. I will get back on the horse, literally.
  9. I will write a book.
  10. I will spend less time worrying, and more time loving.


Photo Katja Kokko

Translation Katja Nikula

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