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Beauty | 11.10.2016 | Katja Kokko


The world´s most beautiful make up brand Kjaer Weis just recently expanded their selection with lipsticks. The packaging of the lipsticks are in line with Kjaer´s other products, they are gorgeous, heavy and all available for refill. From experience I can say that if the packaging might not last for forever they will at least last for a very long time. The matte lipsticks have strong pigment and are a great addition to the sheer Lip Tints in the Kjaer Weis lip makeup selection.


Absolution, the hottest cosmetics brand in France added a couple of semi matte sorbet lipsticks to their collection. Their previous lipsticks are matte and heavy in pigment so the glossy and sheer lipsticks are a welcome addition to their brand. Isabelle Carron, the creator of Absolution has developed the lipsticks in collaboration with one of the most established french make up artists Christophe Danchaud.

Lipsticks and nail polishes have been my go to make up this fall so I decided to let you in on my lipstick mania and introduce the most interesting new colors to you.


My favorite shades from the Kjaer Weis collection are the beautiful, slightly old rose colored Believe (above) which enhances the lips natural tone. The color is perfect for a daily make up and goes with pretty much any outfit. The lipstick stays on perfectly and doesn´t roll on to the inside of the lips along the day.

The deep red wine Adore (on the left) has had an audience in my blog in a previous post. I have totally fallen in love with dark and intensive colors this fall. You´re able to transform a near nude face into party mode in just minutes with them, and sometimes I´m even inspired to put on a deep red lipstick just for the fun of it if just for writing at the office.


The radiant coral of Love (both above and below) is an amazing color. Probably not the color of the season for me, but once we get past new year´s into the spring season the darker tones will most likely be swapped in with this beauty. In some of Kjaer Weis lipsticks there are small amounts of synthetic color pigment to create a highly intensive color, Love is one of them. In the pictures you can clearly see the cover and surface the lipstick leaves. I´d say we´re in perfection of lipstick composition here.


I am more into a matte lipstick myself but the sheer lipstick has it´s place and is especially great for anyone with dry lips. The matte lipstick will only bring out any dryness you might have on your lips. The lipsticks of Absolution have an odd numbering that seems to make no sense. This is because Christophe Danchaud loves Tarot cards and has numbered the lipsticks according to the Tarot symbolism. Hahaaa, energetic reds!

The Absolution semi matte sorbet lipsticks come in three tones. Cerise 03 (in the left pic below) is a cool red tone. Due to it´s sheerness it´s a great choice if you love a deep red but cringe at a full matt color. For me this color is not the best because it´s such a cold tone but if you´re into cool shades this will fit you perfectly. The symbolism behind the number three celebrates elegance, sensuality and feminine energy which encourages to spread and create beauty and pleasure in your life.


Dusky Rose 05 (below) is a very light tone of raspberry sorbet pink. A definite go to for lovers of cooler shades. The number five resonates with protection, wisdom and harmony with the Universe.


Papaya 20 (below) is a warm combination of coral, orange and pink. The color is more prominent than in Dusky Rose, but still sheer. Below you can see how different the color looks in it´s packaging and on the lips. The number 20 is all about rebirth and new beginnings. Papaya is a fresh, happy and active tone.


My personal favorites of this bunch are from Kjaer Weis, I´m totally into matte colors right now. Lip glosses are a whole thing to themselves and I will be writing a post on them soon. I have been using a traditional lip gloss aside of the dark matte tones this fall and that kinda leaves these semi matte lipsticks out of my personal preference right now.

Have you found your favorite from these lipsticks? Which of these tones do you think is the most interesting?


Photos and translation by Mariko Pajalahti

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