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Finally I can let you in on a secret that I´ve been sitting on for over a month! Some of you might have noticed my mysterious Instagram posts on a new make up line which has totally rocked my world. Now it´s time to unveil the secret. Gwyneth Paltrow has designed the Phyto-Pigments make up line for Juice Beauty! Of course! (Who would have not guessed this?!)

When the collaboration of Gwyneth and Juice Beauty was released about a year ago I was about to burst out of my seams because I knew that the end result would be nothing less than amazing! My hopes were sky high for this collab and I´m happy to say that I truly did not end up disappointed when I got the first batch of make up from the line to try out in the beginning of September. My expectations, being so high to begin with, were totally blown away! I could have not anticipated a brand to be able to produce a natural cosmetics mascara that would trump my long time favorite, or a foundation that both looks and feels so good that it would bring out a wow reaction in my friends.


So that´s my first take on the Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments make up line. You´re probably interested in reading a more thorough analysis on the products, which this time I am going to give you guys in a form of a make up tutorial instead of an ingredients analysis. Some of the Phyto-Pigments products are still pending for registry for the European market, which is why I do not have all of their products yet. Luckily the new products of top make up brand RMS Beauty, the Swift Shadows powdery eye shadows just arrived to Finland. I used the eye shadows for the post from RMS and a couple of other products from Hynt Beauty. A word on ingredients though before we continue. I want to extend an extra thank you to Juice Beauty for the fact that they haven´t used synthetic color pigments in their products, all the color pigments used in Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments make ups are natural.


On to the main deal. I thought of doing a couple of looks with the theme “Juice Beauty, from business to ball” so I created two looks for you. The first one is a nude look and the second one is an intense evening look.

I used the same foundation in both looks: To begin with I applied the beautifully translucent Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Illuminating Primer to the face. The product can be used by itself mixed in a bit of moisturiser to give a beautiful, natural glow to the face. Next I applied on Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Flawless Serum Foundation in Sand tone. The consistency is velvety and thin and smooths on delightfully. The cover is perfect and very natural and will not build up shine during the day. I have used the foundation a couple of times even without a  finishing powder!


I erased the dark circles under the eyes with Juice Beauty Perfecting Concealer tone Cream and applied a light layer on the upper lids as well as a eye make up primer. The concealer has ample pigment and a small amount is enough to cover up visible bumps or redness. I contoured my cheek bones and the hair line with Tata Harper´s creme contour using the RMS Beauty blush brush which works the job best.


I used the creamy Juice Beauty Last Looks Blush in Orange Blossom. They´re blushes are light and the pigment in them is modest so that even used a bit heavy handed you can´t over do it. I used  RMS Beauty Tinted Un Powder tone 0-1 to seal the foundation. I´m waiting in anticipation to get to try the Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments loose powder when it finally arrives in Finland, because for now there is no winner to the dreamy RMS loose powder.


The eye shadows I use in the day look are RMS Beauty Swift Shadow Tempting Touch 71 and Sunset Beach 46. I first applied the TT71 on the whole upper lid and added some light to the inner corners with SB46. For the nude make up I used a dry brush with the eye sahdows, but for the evening looks I used a damp brush. The RMS Beauty eye shadows can be used both ways, with a dry or a damp brush according to the desired result. With a damp brush the effect is intensive, metallic and it stays on perfectly. This is a great thing when you want to go from a day look to an evening look just by adding a bit of intensity to the eyes. Usually when you tempt this, the eye shadow is all over the place and you have to do the whole make up over again.

I´ve never been a fan of applying eye shadow with a damp brush, but the RMS eye shadows are actually perfect when used damp. The color selection is amazing and I especially love the fact that for once a brand has produced several natural tones instead of bright tones. There are six color families, each with three shades, so all together there are eighteen new colors. The eye shadows are just as good as you would expect from a top brand like RMS. I did not use a liner at all for the nude look, just curled the lashes and applied a couple of layers of Juice Beauty Ultra-Natural Mascara.


A couple of words on this amazing mascara. It truly is AMAZING! The mascara is great form opening the wand for the first time and it keeps the lashes beautifully curled. I was absolutely astounded with it from the first time I used it. After a couple of uses the texture of the mascara just keeps on getting better and it´s easy to create show stopper lashes with this one. It stays on pretty well, even though later in the evening you might find a couple of flakes of mascara on your cheeks.I have not seen this as a problem though because otherwise I am more than pleased with the product.


I am completely in love with the nude lip look. Remember when a couple of months ago I was dreaming of a lip gloss without any sparkles? I had a vision of an old school glossy finish in a neutral tone, but was not able to find what I was looking for from any brand. In Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Sheer Lip Gloss I found two of them! The tones Naked and Bikini are pretty much in my daily use either by themselves or as a finishing touch with the Satin Lip Cream nude Rose. I love this deliciously nude, glossy lip make up so much. In the pictures above on top of the Rose lipstick I have the lip gloss in Bikini.

Because not everyone is a fan of a dark eye make up I´m doing a look with a nude eye make up with intensive dark lips.The color selection of Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments lip make up´s is so delicious I could do a whole post on them alone!


For the flashier look I chose to use two different tones: Liquid Lip in  Chelsea and Luminous Lip Crayon in Zuma. Liquid Lip is like a liquid lipstick, light as a lip gloss, but thoroughly covering. On the first try I used way too much of the product and the result was super dark as you can see in the picture above, and I actually like that look as well. When applying the Liquid Lip it´s good to wipe the brush in the mouth of the vile which leaves just the right amount on the brush and even the dark shade Chelsea is pretty modest as seen in the picture below. Wouldn´t think it´s the same product as above, would you?

dsc_0076 dsc_0081 dsc_0083

The Luminous Lip Crayon is light, moisturising and dreamy in texture but ample in pigment. Because of it´s crayon shape even lip lining is easy to do with it and that´s definitely one of the reasons I really like this lip crayon concept.

Aah, both tones – Chelsea and Zuma – are so delicious that it´s impossible to decide on my favorite! In the pictures below I use the lip crayon tone Zuma.


I wanted to do an evening make up as well, an intense look for the end of year party season. It´s easy to transition the nude day look into an evening look just by making the eye make up darker. I first lined the base of the upper lashes with Hynt black eye liner and then the waterline of both upper and lower lids.


After doing this I added RMS eye shadow Garden Rose 13 from the outer corners of the upper lid all the way along the crease towards the inner corner. I used Tobacco Road 97 on the base of the lower lashes and the outside corners of the upper lids. To the inside corners of my eyes I added a touch of Sunset Beach 46 with a damp brush. To finish the look I added a couple of layers of Juice Beauty mascara. All of this happened without any eye shadow falling on my cheeks due to using a damp brush.

dsc_0101 dsc_0102 dsc_0105 dsc_0106dsc_0150

You can compliment the evening look with the lip make up of your preference. The combination of dark eyes and nude lips is bullet proof, but then again dark eye make up and dark lips are a great look as well – it´s all up to your personal style and the look as a whole! Don´t get too literal with beauty magazine´s make up rules, just trust your own vibe.

Below the combo of dark eyes and nude lips with Satin Lip Cream in Rose. I did not add a gloss over the lipstick in this one because I was going for a fully matte lip. You can´t go wrong with this look.


The look becomes entirely different by switching the lip make up to the Lip Crayon in Zuma. This is my personal favorite of the evening looks with the traditional Parisian red lips. Even though the eye make up is intensive the look is not overbearing, quite the contrary: a clean red lipstick makes the look really fresh.


Coupling the Liquid Lip Chelsea with the dark eye make up takes a bit more of courage because the look is super dramatic! But I really like this one too. If I would choose this look for a night out I´d keep all other accessories to a bare minimum, swipe the hair in a tight bun and even the dress could be very simple: light, beautiful material in black or another dark color. I think that look would be gorgeous!


For the occasional make up check, slip the beautiful Hynt compact powder in your purse. This one has gotten so much praise and I must join the choir. The compact powder is super fine and will keep your foundation looking flawless throughout the day without looking dry and spackled.

After trying out these products I can truly say that synthetic make up is so last season, right?

Which of these looks is your favorite? Have you had a chance to try the Juice Beauty make up line?


Photos and translation by Mariko Pajalahti

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