Innovation: Serum Foundation by Gressa

Beauty | 19.2.2016 | Katja Kokko


Just as I thought I had found the best foundation ever this new thing walks into my life and changes everything. For a while I have been lusting over the Gressa brand and especially it´s serum foundation. This product combines a skin brightening, cleansing and balancing serum with a foundation. Even the bottle is typical to a serum, a pipette bottle. As my lust kept on growing I decided to order the serum foundation and it´s pairing brush for myself. Holy cannoli! This has got to be the most innovative make up product that I have ever come by. I was anticipating for the texture to be oily and pretty thick, but whaddya know, the foundation is smooth as silk and feels like silicone which is due to the silica in it.

The base oil in this product is broccoli seed oil which moisturises, protects from external stressors, UV rays, nourishes, calms, smoothens and is even a natural option to retinol due to it´s vitamin A content. On top of this the foundation has neem extract, sea buckthorn extract, horsetail extract, lemon balm extract, barberry extract, elder flower extract, bitter melon extract, licorice root extract and coenzyme Q10. It´s simultaneously a foundation and a vitamin blast for your skin.


A couple of drops of the foundation applied with it´s own brush takes a couple of seconds and the result literally looks photoshopped. It´s coverage is amazing and yet really thin. I´m pretty much dumb founded with this make up innovation. The tone range is so wide that there is surely a perfect tone for everyone. Because of it´s fluid consistency the colour blends naturally on the skin. Once this dead winter light changes I´ll snap a pic of me wearing the foundation. In this grey, I´m not even going to try. Now let´s just hope for someone to bring this beauty innovation into stores in Finland asap. I´m definitely keeping this in my daily products from here on. Needless to ask if I got you intrigued?


Pictures Katja Kokko

Translation by Mariko Pajalahti

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