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Beauty | 29.2.2016 | Katja Kokko


For a while I´ve been longing to fill my vanity with the French Absolutionthe line´s products are effective and the packaging reminds me of Aesop (though Absolution has the winning hand on design) and it´s custom skin care concept is addictive.

I can´t help but think that Absolution will one day do the Acne of the cosmetics business. And I´m not talking about the skin condition acne, but the Swedish clothing brand Acne, that sky rocketed to the fashion scene off an add agency table.

The story of Absolution ties in with an ad agency as well. It´s creator, the amazing Isabelle Carron has a long career as an Art Director and has worked with the super stars of cosmetics like Dior to name one. Over the years Isabelle grew tired of having her hands tied creatively with clients that were not brave enough for her ideas. She begun creating the perfect cosmetics line with her partner as an example for their clients. The concept was actually so perfect that it could no longer be kept behind closed doors as a mere case example, but became a reality. Absolution was born. A high quality natural cosmetics brand with a philosophy in bespoke skincare.


Our skin changes as do the seasons, months, weeks and days. Like today, my skin literally looks tired because last night was that one night of the year when I could not sleep a blink. My skin is in need of a different kind of wake up and some extra energising than it usually needs. The same applies to my body which is not working on a full battery, it needs some extra energy and lightness to soothe the heavy feeling of fatigue.

The bottom line with Absolution is for us to learn to look and listen  for our skins needs. How does it look today? What does it need? Are my pores clogged, does my skin need brightening, is it irritated, thirsty or tired? For these different needs Absolution has four different solutions, La Solution serums, which form the corner stone for the whole concept. We are not supposed to use the one and same serum day in day out, but to choose the right one according to our skins needs. You can have three serums in rotation or why not all four of them.


The serums are designed to be mixed in with a lotion, there´s four of them as well: day cream and night, and the men’s cream (which is good for oily skin as well). The creme is conveniently mixed with 1-2 drops of serum on the mixing plate on top of the packaging. You can add a couple of drops of the divine Addiction oil serum or use it lastly on top of the creme and serum. Addiction contains 27 different plant oils and flower extracts. It´s one of the best oil serums of all times and suits all skin types bringing vitality, moisture and a glow to the skin.

Jolie was kind enough to ease my longing for Absolution and I chose for myself the antioxidant blast Anti-Age, which is a superfood based product designed to tackle signs of ageing. Acerola with a high concentrate in vitamin C stimulates collagen production and firms the skin. Spirulina brings oxygen to the skin and protects collagen and elastine fibers from degeneration. Maca revitalizes skin metabolism and circulation and tones the skin as well. Meadowsweet moisturises, soothes and brightens the skin.


To accompany the Anti-Age I chose the super moisturising and brightening Anti-Soif, which is meant to be used as is or under a moisturiser. Anti-Soif can be applied a bit more generously than other serums and it works well for oily skin and mens skincare as is. The serum is calming and cools the skin and is great for treating any irritations or used as an intensive moisturiser after sun tanning. Minth, Sage and Lemon Beebrush waters cool, balance and brighten the skin while Aloe Vera moisturises, calms and repairs the skin. Fucocert is rich in antioxidants, Hemp Oil contains essential fatty acids and the Echinea extract calms the skin. The Sugar Cane extract and Acer Saccharum contain natural AHA acids which cleanse and brighten the skin and refine pores.

In the morning I use Anti-Soif, on top of it I apply the La Créme du Jour day cream, which I mix with a couple of drops of  Addiction oil serum. In the evening I use La Créme du Soir night cream, which I mix with both Anti-Age serum and Addiction. After swimming and marinating myself in chlorine water Anti-Soif is my go to serum as it my moisturises my Sahara-like dry skin.


The Le Soin Regard eye contour booster has been one of my favorites for a good while because of it´s light reflecting properties that brighten up the dark circles under my eyes and it´s light concentration that revives and moisturises delightfully. The Green Coffee extract reduces puffiness under eyes, Blue Lotus moisturises and Hibiscus contains plenty of skin repairing antioxidants.

Still a couple of years ago the only cleanser in the Absloution line was the L’Eau Soir et Matin cleansing water, which is one of my all time favorite cleansing waters. After a long wait Isabelle finally added two new cleansers to the collection, the now popular Le Nettoyant Pureté cleansing gel and Le Créme Douce Démaquillante cleansing cream. Go ahead and guess which one of these is my personal favorite. The creamy Neroli scented cleansing cream containing calming St John´s-wort and skin regenerating and protecting Pracaxi vegetal oil. This one has become my favourite cleansing routine at the swimming pool even though otherwise I´m still a devoted lover of cleansing oils. I must give an extra applaud to the packaging which is one of the most stylish works of art around.


Absolution´s toner La Brume Systémique is quite an interesting product as a two-phased mist. The bottle has to be shaken prior to use to mix the water and oil phases together, the mist leaves a gently oily feel to the face. It protects and regenerates skin by tying in moisture. The product is great for after shave to calm skin and prevent folliculitis. I prefer the line´s cleansing water more for a toner but I took the La Brume Systémique toner with me on a trip to the tropics to aid in sun protection and found it to be a good combo of a toner, serum and facial oil in the humid climate.


Absolution has everything that I expect in a perfect skin care line: the look has been refined to the max and it´s a bit of a sad moment to throw the packaging away. The products are truly effective: Isabelle has used hundreds of hours to find the perfect and at times rare ingredients for the products. The chemists have been shaking their heads at some of her novel raw ingredient ideas but at the end of the day she has always got her way.

The Absolution products do not use any added fragrance, the scents are from plant extracts and other active ingredients, which divide the scent-scene, but surprisingly enough when you begin to get acquainted with the line the herbal and at times slightly odd scents (if you´ve smelled the La Brume Systémique you know what I´m talking about) begin to grow on you and soon enough you realise you are addicted.

Have you had the chance to try Absolution products? What kind of a combo have you built for yourself?


Photos Katja Kokko

Translation Mariko Pajalahti

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