How to do a make up without looking made up? (& sneak peak into RMS Beauty´s latest)

Beauty | 14.2.2016 | Katja Kokko


The perfect nude make up or a make up that looks natural has been one of the most coveted looks aside the smokey eye look for the past fifteen years. Who would´t want to look fresh and polished naturally and discreetly?

The past months I´ve been feeling beautiful in a dark chocolate eye make up, but it must be spring in the air that I´ve been leaning more towards a nude make up lately. For Valentine´s Day I´ll be introducing to you a less is more type of make up and a sneak peak into the RMS Beauty´s new Master Mixer, which has not yet been launched in Finland!

Master Mixer has been a long time dream of RMS Beauty´s founder Rose-Marie Swift. A product that with it´s rose gold tone makes anybody or any product look absolutely amazing. The Master Mixer can be used as is either under or on top of the foundation to bring a little extra sheen or it can be used as a contour and it can be mixed in any make up product – be it creamy, powdery, natural cosmetics or synthetic, where ever you want to. It gives a warm glow that´s neither sharp or shiny due to it´s rose gold tint and the fine and subtle light reflecting pigments.

For this make up I applied Master Mixer first onto my cheek bones, the brow bones and lined my upper lip with it and on top of it I used Zuii Natural Bisque foundation, which like Olive Fair suits my skin tone perfectly. The result is a beautiful satin like sheen with a great glow without any excess shine. Oh and I must say, when you apply Zuii´s foundation on with a make up brush the result is just perfect. I have truly developed an addiction to these foundations after they came out with the new tones.

The most important player in a good nude make up is definitely the foundation. And the best foundation for that is lovingly cared skin. A natural foundation is not completely matt but sheer with a slight glow. Of course small bumps and dark circles under the eyes are covered up. For a bit of cover up I like to use Kjaer Weis foundation in the tone Silken. After applying the foundation I pressed a light second layer of Master Mixer on and finished it with RMS Beauty´s Tinder Un Powder loose powder tone 0-1. For the foundation to keep it´s sheen don´t use too much powder and the powder should be very fine and silky.

Blush belongs in a natural look. For this look I chose to use the light reflecting Zuii Peach. You can choose weather to use a full matt or a sheer blush. My skin is in such great condition that a little extra sheen won´t hurt, but if you have bumps or other uneven spots like scars or such, it´s a safer choice to go with a matt blush, for example Zuii Mango, a heavenly nude tone blush.

A nude look calls for detailed brows. You should tend to the shape of your brows and keep all stray hairs at bay. If you don´t know how to pluck your brows to a pretty wing shape pay a visit to a good cosmetologist or a make up artist who can help you get started with a nice shape. Sometimes it may mean a growth project. I use Zuii Taupe brow pencil which is a by far the best I´ve had and for the finishing touch brush the excess color off. This part is important because a “draw-on” brow does not look good or natural. Lastly brush the brow upwards and you can spray the brush with a salt spray which will keep the brows in order throughout the day. You can also try the Lavera brow gel.


Use a soft tone eye shadow for a nude look. Don´t go for too light colors but rather a soft and warm nude brown. My personal favorite is Kjaer Weis Charmed, which in this look I have applied on the whole upper eyelid fading it towards the brow and at the base of the lower lashes. To the inside corners and on the brow bone I added Kjaer Weis Cloud Nine eye shadow to give the eyes a bit light. Be mindful in choosing the tone: not too white or a pearly colour. Cloud Nine gives a slight sheen and even though it is a light colour it is soft and warm in tone. Finish the eye makeup with curling your lashes and applying a couple of layers of mascara. I like use the Kjaer Weis mascara because it keeps my lashes beautifully curled.

Last but not least – the lips. Often people go wrong by choosing either too light or brown of a color. The point is to choose a color that is close to your natural tone and enhance that a bit, not to make the lips lighter. A couple of weeks ago I happened to find a perfect tone from the Kjaer Weis lip tint, Sensuous Plum ,in the jar it looks really dark but on the lips it is perfectly natural as you can see. I love this whole concept of the lip tint, it does´t have a “feel” on the lips and the colour can wear off without looking bad. It´s not matt or shiny, just discreet. For applying it I recommend using the Kjaer Weis lipstick brush.

A nude look is perfect for pretty much any occasion, of course depending on your personality and style. These are my go to products that you can only win with!

Happy Valentine´s Day my dear readers!


Photos Katja Kokko

Translated by Mariko Pajalahti

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