Zuii Makeup Tutorial 3/3: Metallic Purple Smoky Eyes

Beauty | 14.4.2015 | Katja Kokko


This post is a collaboration with Zuii

Our last Zuii spring makeup tutorial is for these metallic smoky eyes. A good smoky eye never goes out of fashion, because the look can always be updated by mixing up the colors. Traditional dark grey or black always works as a main color, as just changing the blending color is enough to transform the look.

I had a good giggle as I read your guesses for this look, as most of you figured I had actually used a dark purple shadow for it. Time for the big reveal: the main color in this look is a dark grey shadow with blue undertones, called Sapphire. The blending color is a metallic white called Purple Ice, which – as the name might tell you – shifts to purple in certain lighting. The rather strong purple tint of the look (even showing up icy blue sometimes) is down to this shadow. In the inner corners we have a touch of Blue Marine, which was also applied to the lower outer corners. So you see, no actual violets were used in this look! A black matte from the Diva palette was used to line the lower lash line.

On the lips we have Sheer Stick in Mish, with Crystal on top to add a bit of glimmer. For blush, I went for Peach, and Mango Sparkle Blush was used to highlight.




How to create the look:

  • Let’s start with the eyes this time: dark eye shadows often have a bit of fall down, which can ruin your base. Start by priming your lids and covering up any dark circles using concealer pencils in the shades Fair and Latte. Mix the colors on a palette or the back of your hand.
  • Line your waterline and lower lash line with a black liner pencil, making sure to get in between the lashes. Line your upper lash line thickly with the same pencil.
  • Using an angled shadow brush, soften and blend the top liner upward, and the bottom liner downwards.
  • With pressing motions, apply Sapphire onto the entire lid. Making sure to pack the brush properly, press and draw the color along and onto the lid. Blend up and over the crease, and bring the color high in the inner corners as well, to add drama.
  • Apply Sapphire under the lower lash line as well, and bring the top and bottom colors together in the outer corner.




  • Take Purple Ice on a blending brush and use it to blend out the dark color until soft and smooth.
  • Apply Blue Marine into the inner and lower outer corners with a narrow brush.
  • To finish off, take the matte black from the Diva palette on an angled shadow brush and go between each lash to intensify the look, and to make sure there are no gaps in your liner. Go over your waterline again with a black liner pencil.
  • Apply a few coats of Volume mascara.










Will you be trying this look at home? To get a more subtle look, only bring the colors up to the crease.

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Jewelry Balmain/Boutique Kaarina K.

Model Amelie/Fondi

Photos Mikko Rasila

Translation Katja Nikula

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